LWML FLGA District Scholarship Application


The LWML FL-GA District seeks to enable qualified and dedicated men and women to train for service to the Lord as full-time church workers through scholarships with funding donated through MITES given in love by LWML members in our district.

1.  The Scholarship Funds are administered by the Scholarship Committee appointed by the LWML Executive Board and are granted to students preparing for full-time church work in Missouri Synod schools and churches.

2.  Applicants must have been a member of a congregation of the FL-GA, SELC or English District of the LC-MS in the states of Florida or Georgia for the eighteen(18) months prior to filing an application, and be enrolled full-time in a rostered church worker program.

3. Scholarships ranging from $500 to $2000 each will be awarded for each school year depending on maintenance of GPA, and will be given in two installments, half at the beginning and half at mid-point of the school year.

4.  Applications for an LWML Scholarship must be made on the form provided, completed and in the hands of the committee chairman by June 1st.

5.  The Scholarship Committee shall process all applications received by the chairman and select the recipients.  A GPA of 3.0 is necessary to qualify for a scholarship and financial need must be shown.   Love Gifts may also be awarded to those who have less than a 3.0 GPA.

6.  Students who are qualified and desire a scholarship another year must reapply each year.  Only one scholarship per family per year will be awarded.  Love Gifts may be available to additional members of the same family.

7.  Contact the scholarship chairman for further information.

In fairness and courtesy, recipients should notify the committee chairman of any intention to withdraw from school, or Church worker preparation.

In accepting an LWML Scholarship, should a recipient leave the Lutheran Church or not accept placement within the Synodical system, he/she agrees to be obligated to repay all scholarship money received.  Thank you.

A valid application for an LWML scholarship will include all of the information listed on page 2 of these guidelines.

  • Send the original application to the LWML Scholarship Chairman.
  • Send a copy of the application to the District Student Aid Task Force.

Materials must be received by JUNE 1, 2017 by the Scholarship Chairman as indicated on the application.