Dear Pastors and Congregation President:

As we approach the FLGA District Convention June 22-24th, 2018, I want to inform you of vital information regarding both the nominations and overture process. In all of these things, the deadline to remember is March 24th.

By March 24th, all congregations must submit delegates to the District Convention. This will include:

Delegates must be elected or appointed in alignment with your church’s constitution and bylaws. Delegates to the District Convention need not be the same persons as are voting for Synod president from your congregation.

By March 24th, congregations and circuit forums may submit overtures to the District Convention. These may include:

By March 24th, congregations may nominate candidates for the following positions within the following geographic and service boundaries

  • President from the FLGA District (ordained)
  • Vice President from the region of the congregation (ordained)
  • Secretary from the FLGA District (ordained)
  • Two (2) Lay Representatives from the region of the congregation (lay)
  • Commissioned Representative from the FLGA District (commissioned)
  • Nomination Committee Members from the FLGA District (2 ordained, 2 commissioned, 4 lay)

Necessary forms are posted above.

Please direct questions and comments to District Secretary Rev. Jay A. Winters ( / 850 224 6059) and/or Kathy Keene at the FLGA District Office.

May we all be blessed in our remembrance of the Christ child born in Bethlehem and wait in expectation for Him to come again soon in glory.

In Christ,


Rev. Jay A. Winters
FLGA District Secretary