Art Gallery

Important Update!

Due to the pending sale of our building, the Lutheran Art Gallery has closed temporarily until we are re-situated in a new, permanent location.  At that time, we will determine what for the Lutheran Art Gallery will take in our new office space.  Thank you to all the schools that have supported this project for the past 7 years.  Promoting our schools and the children in those schools will continue to be important to our district.  Time will help us determine the new form of the art gallery.


The Lutheran School art gallery features the art work and original creations of students in the Florida-Georgia District. The gallery is on display in the Lutheran Ministries Center in the stairwell leading to the second floor. New artwork is displayed approximately every two months.




  • 30 pieces of art:
  • Portrait/Landscape Orientation – your choice
  • Number we can accommodate and their size:
  • Current frame inventory:
  • 15 – 16×20 mats down to: 11×14
  • 15 – 11 X14 mats down to 8X10


We are currently requesting schools to sign up to provide art work for the following time frames. Up to two schools may be assigned to each period.

Jan-Feb. 2012: Grace, St. Petersburg
Mar-Apr 2012: Grace, Winter Haven
Summer, 2012: Trinity, Orlando
Sept-Oct, 2012: Immanuel, Brandon
Nov-Dec, 2012: St. Michael, Ft. Myers
Jan-Feb, 2013: Temporarily Closed
Mar-Apr, 2013: Temporarily Closed
May-June, 2013:
Summer, 2013
Sept-Oct, 2013
Nov-Dec., 2013


  • Submit artwork to the District Office to be here by the 15th of the month prior to the start of the two month’s display period.
  • Items requested from the school submitting art:
  • Something about project
  • Students’ names, grade, age
  • Teacher (art or classroom) who directed project
  • A business-size card attached to each item with the above information


  • School pays to ship items to district office
  • District Office pays to return ship
  • Safe return is expected but can not be guaranteed

Recent Participants

FLGA Staff, board members and guests that have come to the office have all expressed appreciation for the wonderful art by the children in our district.

Maybe your school could be next!

Participating Schools 2012-2013
Immanuel, Brandon

Participating Schools 2011-2012
Lamb of God, Lithia
St. Michael, Ft. Myers
Grace, St. Petersburg
Grace, Winter Haven

Participating Schools 2010-2011
St. Michael, Ft. Myers
Hope, Orlando
Our Savior, Plantation
Faith, Marietta, GA
Trinity, GA

Participating Schools 2009-2010
Immanuel, Brandon
Faith, Eustis
St. Michael, Ft. Myers
Holy Cross, N. Miami
Grace, Key West
Advent, Boca Raton
Trinity, Delray Beach

Participating Schools 2008-2009
St. Michael, Ft. Myers
Trinity, Orlando
Grace, Jacksonville

Participating Schools 2007-2008
Woodlands, Montverde (November)
Faith, North Palm Beach
St Michael, Ft. Myers
Christ our Redeemer,
Temple Terrace
Immanuel , Brandon
Epiphany, Tallahassee
St Paul, Lakeland

Participating Schools 2006-2007:
Holy Cross, N. Miami
Trinity, Del Ray Beach
St. Michael, Ft. Myers
Christ Community, Naples
Faith, Marietta
Epiphany, Tallahassee

Participating Schools 2005/2006:
Our Savior, Plantation
Woodlands, Montverde
St. Michael’s, Ft. Myers
Our Savior, St. Pete
Grace, Winter Haven
Rivercliff Lutheran, Atlanta

 To sign up your school, complete the form below: