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Lutheran Life – 2012 v 5

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The latest issue of Lutheran Life is in the mail to subscribers and is also available online.  This issue includes updates regarding the 2012 Educators Conference, a report on Mission: Haiti, Mission Moments from Rev. Doug Kallesen, a report from LCEF, and regional reports from around the District.  Watch for it in your mail!


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Lutheran Life – 2012 v 4 – Annual Report, Convention Coverage

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Lutheran Life – 2012 V 4

Walton Unanimously Endorsed for Second Term in Realigned District

Delegates to the 31st Regular Convention of the Florida-Georgia District — meeting in Lake Mary, FL, June 22-24 under the theme Stewards of God’s Grace:  Empowered by the Word — by acclamation returned President Gregory S. Walton to office……

Revitalizing Congregations to Connect People to Jesus

Many thanks to all who made the 31st Triennial Florida-Georgia District Convention such a wonderful success.  It was a bit intimidating going into the convention never having really experienced it from the “podium” perspective.  I had no idea of all the details that go into the planning and implementation of this event……

Convention Photo Booth

Convention Reports

Annual Report

Regional News




Lutheran Life – 2012 v 3

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Lutheran Life – 2012 v 3

Coming Together as Stewards of God’s Grace, Empowered by the Word!

The column headline pro­claims the theme for the rapidly approaching 31st Triennial Florida-Georgia District Convention. It has been an exhausting and humbling process to work toward this event. Without our supportive and knowledgeable staff it would have been nearly impossible. We are indeed blessed as a District.

I also thank each of you, Flor­ida-Georgia members, for your patience and support during this term. Our workers and congrega­tions have been so supportive, even during times of stress and dif­ficulties. So thank you, one and all. Now we look to the future as stewards of God’s grace, empowered by His Word. We have been given so….

Fred E. Lietz Remembered for Pioneering Spirit, Enthusiastic Leadership

Fred E. Lietz, the first executive leader of Church Extension for the Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod and former Florida-Georgia District Director of Finance and Church Extension, died on April 19 at the age of 95.

Family, friends and colleagues filled Ascension Lutheran-Casselberry, FL, for his April 26 memorial service. Rev. Gerald Seaman, Ascension Pastor Emeritus, was the liturgist. Rev. Gerhard Michael Jr., President Emeritus of the Florida-Georgia District, was the preacher….




Lutheran Life – 2012 v 2

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Lutheran Life – 2012 v 2

The days are quickly approaching for the 31st Florida-Georgia District Convention to be held in Lake Mary, FL, from Friday, June 22, through June 24.

While what draws us together is to conduct the business of the Synod, I have always found in this District that this is a wonderful opportunity for worship and fellowship. As brothers and sisters representing the whole District, we gather to focus on our common mission in Jesus Christ. The theme for this convention comes from 1 Peter 4:10: Stewards of God’s Grace, Empowered by the Word.

We have a wonderful line up of guest speakers, including Synodical President, Rev. Matthew C. Harrison, who will preach at the communion service, and Rev. Daniel Preus, who will be our LCMS Representative. Dr. David Benke, President of the Atlantic District, will be our Essayist, and Mrs. Gretchen Jameson will speak on “branding the church in a post-church world.”  Dr. Victor Belton, Peace-Decatur, will be our Bible Study Leader, so be sure to bring your Bibles. Rev. Jonathan Frusti, Grace-Winter Haven, will be our Chaplain and Worship Leader. It will be a great time of growing together around our missional emphasis, with a focus on empowering our congregations for the days ahead.

There is a great challenge before us as a Church, not just within The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. The scope of the issue is much larger, impacting almost all of Christendom in the world, but especially in the United States….

Lutheran Life – 2012 v 1

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Lutheran Life – 2012 v 1

District Convention to Consider Regional Realignment, Elect Leaders 

Planning is well under way for the 31st Regular Florida-Georgia District Convention, set for June 22-24 in Lake Mary, FL.  “Much effort will be placed into the 2012 District Convention to focus our efforts on revitalizing our congregations to poise them for renewed passion and zeal to proclaim the good news about Jesus,” said Florida-Georgia District President Greg Walton. …

A New Year’s Challenge: Resolve to 

The world in which we live is not the world our grandparents grew up in, that’s for sure! So much has changed, some for the better, and some not. Perhaps among the most significant changes is the current attitude toward the church. In a sense, it’s almost unprecedented. We call it the post-church generation, and it’s all about how our culture embraces our Christian faith and values…..

District Board Approves 2012 Work Program

Meeting in Orlando January 27-28, the Florida-Georgia District Board of Directors unanimously approved a balanced work program for fiscal year 2012 (February 1, 2012 through January 31, 2013). “The fiscal year 2012 budget is really a continuation, or a carry­forward, of fiscal year 2011,” said Daniel J. Reichard, District LCEF Vice President and Executive Director of Administration….