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Lutheran Life 2016 v 5

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The latest issue of Lutheran Life is in the mail to subscribers and is also available online.

This issues features the following:

  • LIFELINES:  Message from the President
  • Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog Settles into Trinity/Savannah Home
  • District Campus Ministries Launch New School Year
  • Impacting the Community According to Need
  • Getting Unstuck – The Coaching Leader
  • SE Florida Stewardship Summit Report
  • Thrivent Members Generously Support Orlando
  • Megan Miessler to Direct LCS Programs
  • Florida-Georgia Part of Lutheran Federal Credit Union “Firsts”
  • District Board Reviews Critical Ministry Targets
  • LCEF Florida-Georgia District Shared Blessings to 18 Congregations Top $85,000
  • NYG a Celebration of Identity “In Christ Alone”
  • Weekly Walks with Pastor Offer Prayer, Scripture, Exercise
  • LCEF Seeks Congregational Advocates to Assist With Expansion of Vital Ministries
  • District Capsules
  • Regional news
  • and much more

Watch for it in your mailbox, or read it online by using the link below:

Life 2016 vol 5

How Will You Celebrate?

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October is a month filled with celebrations. In fact, like most months, there are national celebrations for almost every single day. You can celebrate everything from National Ghost Hunting Day on October first, National CB Day on 10-4, National Taco Day, National Gumbo Day, National Bald Day, all the way to National Grouch Day. In addition to a few other things, October 31st is National Knock-Knock Joke Day, which may explain my warped sense of humor. My wife has told me several of those special days seem to apply to me …

Of course, October has a few more significant celebrations as well. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s also Clergy Appreciation Month. Since late August the stores have been reminding us about Halloween. For many of us, who have grown up in the Lutheran Church, it is also the month we celebrate the Reformation. In fact, we are on the eve of the 499th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses on the Castle Church door in Wittenberg in 1517.

As people prepare for the big 500th Anniversary in 2017, many trips have been planned to visit the Luther sites. Numerous celebrations are in the works across the world, not to mention those being planned in our own Synod, District, Circuits and congregations. It will be an exciting year to proudly reflect on our heritage as Lutherans. However, I strongly believe that Anniversary celebrations are a great time to look back, but they also provide an opportunity to look forward. Looking to the past while trying to move forward causes one to walk into a wall!

Luther looked to the past and didn’t really like what he saw. He was discontent with what the church of his day had become. It had built wonderful legacies of traditions, but had moved the focus off of Jesus. For Luther it was all about God’s free gift to us in Jesus. I sometimes wonder if the church in our day hasn’t somehow slipped back into a false sense of security, bolstered by knowing the right doctrines and words, rather than celebrating a living faith in Jesus.

I used to tell a story in Adult Instruction class about a family who brought their precious baby to be baptized. On the day of his baptism a wealthy family friend gave the baby’s parents a large check to bless this baby in the future. It was actually for a million dollars, and this friend could well afford it. These parents were overwhelmed by this generous gift, and never having seen a check for a million dollars, they framed it and hung it on the wall of the nursery. It brought smiles to their faces every time they saw it hanging there because they knew that their child’s future was secure.

In time the baby began to grow, and the nursery became a bedroom, and as the boy grew this check was actually forgotten, and it was packed up with a lot of the items that had adorned that nursery. The boy grew, and as he was about to graduate high school tragedy struck and his parents were killed in a terrible car accident. He was left an orphan. At the funeral, in the midst of the sorrow, the family friend whom the boy had heard about but never met, came to the service. He expressed his condolences and learned that the boy would be left virtually penniless. He asked him about the check, and the boy vaguely remembered it being on the wall.

Days after the funeral, as he was packing up the house, he came across the box with all his baby things, and he found that framed check. He was astonished that his parents never cashed it. He took it out of the frame and took a huge risk. He went to the bank and he learned that the check was still somehow valid after all these years. He was able to cash it, and once he did this family friend came and helped him learn how to invest it. It took him through the rest of his life.

Obviously this was a made up story, and flawed at that. However, it had a point. How many of us are never given the opportunity to be invested in the life we’ve been given through baptism? How many fail to take advantages of the promises offered to us there? How many miss out on something because they just didn’t understand the gift that has been given? Here’s the point—the gift is still valid, even if it’s stuck in a box and forgotten. It’s time for the church to unpack the box and start living for Jesus!

My mother, now in her 80’s, has an iPad. She resisted touching a computer when my father first got one, even though I tried to explain to her the benefits of being part of the digital age. She got her iPad primarily to keep up with pictures of her children and grandchildren, and now great grandchildren. Here’s what she discovered. She got an iPad expressly to look at pictures, then she discovered that it could do so much more! She now reads books on it, she looks up recipes, and she keeps up with Facebook, and even facetimes on her iPad. I think she regrets not trying to do this sooner. Living with regret is bad when you’re talking about technology. It’s even worse when you talk about faith. That’s why we need to invest in the Word and live it out each day.

Luther, when he learned we were justified by faith apart from the law, wanted all Christians to understand God’s grace as a free gift. Paul writes in Ephesians 2:8-10, “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” We are saved by grace, not to celebrate our good fortune, but rather so that we can walk in good works to proclaim Jesus to the whole world!

Luther’s whole struggle with the Church was born of a desire to bring about a true reformation, refocusing people on the beauty of God’s gift of grace to us in Jesus. The Church of that day had become so institutionalized, so ritualistic, and so controlling of people with fear of the law rather than devotion inspired by faith in Jesus’s love and grace. The Church was actually teaching that if you did certain things, if you said certain words, it you obeyed the church, you could earn your way to heaven. Luther encouraged the Church to go back to the basics of Scripture, focusing on God’s Word. In a world that was so culturally influenced by the Church in wrong ways, Luther moved outside the box for the sake of the Gospel. In fact, one of the primary emphases of the Reformation was the priesthood of all believers, meaning that each of us are gifted by the Spirit for service to Jesus.

We are living in a day when some feel that we’ve fallen back into the trap of celebrating our traditions rather than living out our faith. There are some who feel because they bear the moniker “Lutheran” they will get to heaven despite the fact that they have boxed up their faith rather than investing it. The LCMS has marked the theme for next year as “Its still All About Jesus!” My heart resonates with that, because as we engage in the Master’s business, we want to connect people to Jesus, and it is ALL about Jesus! Luther saw the Reformation as urging the church to return to the very Gospel we proclaim, and he was willing to lay down his life for it. How about you?

Next fall, in the midst of our celebrations of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, the FLGA District will host the President’s Equip Conference—a brand new idea to meet the needs of a church in transition. Rather than simply focusing on continuing education for pastors and teachers, the conference next year will also additionally focus on raising up the laity. People who seem to know and understand things far better than me are telling me that in the next five years or so the LCMS will experience a tremendous change in pastoral leadership as our baby boomers, which represents the largest portion of our pastors, will begin to retire. We are not replacing workers at a rate consistent with the growing needs. We already have an abundance of congregations without pastors or an inability to afford full time workers. What is the solution? I certainly don’t claim to have an answer, but in part I believe we need to raise up an army of our laity who become passionate about their faith and life in Jesus. This would be a true reformation!

To that end, the President’s Equip Conference is being designed for pastors and teachers, but also for our laity. It will be held on Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday, September 28-30, 2017, to encourage our laity to attend. As always we will offer breakouts for professional church workers, in addition to offering practical strategies and training for congregational officers and elders, for volunteers to understand their purpose and place in the context of congregational ministry, partnering with pastor and other staff for the sake of Jesus. There will be times of inspiration, fellowship and times of learning and applying skills for the sake of God’s kingdom. We’ve tried to find a centralized location in Ponte Verde at Sawgrass to that people from both Georgia and Florida can drive and participate. You’ll definitely be hearing more about this in the coming days, but mark your calendar now and make plans to be with us as we celebrate the Reformation and how God is reforming living stones!

What will the church look like in the future? We know that those great Sola’s of the Reformation (Sola Scriptura, Sola Fides, and Sola Gratia) won’t change. However, as God continues to shape us, He is transforming us into His people who move beyond the institution and traditions of our church to people who actively live out their faith to reach this world for the sake of Jesus. That’s always been His heart’s desire. As we celebrate this month, let’s remember that even now it’s still all about Jesus, and that is something to celebrate!





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It often seems that life is all about choices. As I reflect on my life, there are choices I’ve made that have truly blessed my life. The choice to go to Concordia College in Bronxville was so influential on my life. That’s where I met the love of my life. The choice to ask Edith to marry me is one of the greatest, talk about marrying up—I am very blessed. The choice to go to the seminary, the choice to buy a home, the choice to have children, all have been blessings. However, there are choices that have not been so great also.

This past summer our denomination was faced with choices, and voices spoke loudly and clearly on a variety of issues. In fact, sometimes it became more loud than clear, but that’s a whole other blog. The point is, when we need to choose, we are able to do that. We make millions of choices each day. Which socks will I wear; what tie; which earrings and necklace; which shoes, and it could go on. What will I eat today? How will I get to work or school today? I love the folks that wait until the last minute to decide, they’re usually driving in front of me…  Life is filled with choices!

The only thing that we definitely don’t choose is God’s grace. It’s a gift, already given to us. Paul reminds us, “For by grace have you been saved through faith, and this not of yourself, it’s the gift of God not by works so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance that we might walk in them.” This passage, so familiar to many Lutherans, was a rally cry of the Reformation. It was a reminder that nothing we do, no choice that we make, no decision can impact what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. By His merit and favor, we have eternal life and salvation. We don’t choose God because in Christ Jesus our Lord we were chosen before the foundation of the world. Jesus said, “You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you to bear fruit, fruit that will last.” We are special. We are loved. We are chosen with a purpose, to bear fruit for Jesus. We’re called to engage in the Master’s business.

As we live as His chosen ones in the world, we are called to be witnesses of His light. God chose us and called us with purpose to connect people to Jesus. Our worship life isn’t only about satisfying our own personal spiritual needs. God calls us to be built up so He can send us out. The Church is always at its best when it is a sending agency. Recently someone shared with me how the congregation they attend has sent a missionary to Africa, and that the congregation supports this missionary and his mission very passionately. At the same time he lamented that they do absolutely nothing for their local community. The truth is, we live in what is now considered the third largest mission field in the world. Africa is sending their missionaries here to evangelize the United States! Here’s my point—the opportunities for sending missionaries exist all around your church, and, by the way, God chose you to be His missionary, and He planted you right where you are to reach more people with the love of Jesus.

The other day I received a letter from one of our pastors concerned about our choices, or, in his words, lack of choices, in this political season. His purpose in writing me was to serve as a reminder that we as Christians have an obligation, a vested interest, a responsibility to be engaged. In fact, this is part of engaging in the Master’s business. It’s part of Luther’s theology of the two kingdoms, the spiritual realm and the civil realm. We aren’t excluded from the civil realm at all, but for the sake of Jesus and our Christian values stand up for what we believe and profess. That, my friends, is becoming ever increasingly important in a day that has devalued our Judeo-Christian values and sought to neuter the Church. Jesus said, to Peter in Matthew 16, “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” This is not a picture of the Church holding back hell from breaking in. Instead it’s a picture of the Church breaking down the gates of hell to reclaim those who have been ravaged by the impact of sin and the devil. Some would say that’s where we intersect with politics. It’s so important that Churches understand their duty and rights when it comes to politics. Your church may NOT endorse a particular candidate or political party, but it CAN encourage the body of Christ to get out and vote. We hear all too often stories about Christians who choose not to vote because it’s all in God’s hands. God has chosen you to be His representative in the world, not to be of the world, but to operate in the world as an ambassador for Him.

President James A. Garfield, who served our nation as its 20th President, was also a lay minister of the Gospel. He was assassinated in office and served from March 1881 through September 1881. He had served as a major general in the Civil War and had a passion to see this nation return to honoring Jesus Christ. He wrote to the nation about the nation, “The people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities….If the next centennial does not find us a great nation…it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.”

The truth is, if we’re to impact our culture for the sake of Jesus, we need to be involved as examples of the light of Jesus in dark places. That includes becoming active in national elections, regardless of your political views. You have a choice, so let your voice be heard. Don’t worry about how God is going to bless this nation, that’s His business. Our business is to represent Him and share His grace and love, with a world that is mired in sin. Yes, we confront the sins around us with God’s law without compromise. But the goal is always to point people to Jesus, and to somehow help them turn their hearts to Him for forgiveness and new life.

As you consider the fact that you have been chosen, and that you have choices, may God’s Spirit fill you with wisdom and joy to engage in the Master’s business!

In His grip,


Educators Conference Offering Recipient

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fibrphotoDear colleagues in Christ,

In just a few weeks, we will gather for the 2016 District Educators Conference.  Each year, a recipient is designated for the offering received during our worship service together.  I can only begin to imagine how many people have been blessed by those offerings over the years.  This year, we are asking you to do something a little bit different.

While Baton Rouge Lutheran School was untouched by the floodwaters, nearly 50% of the homes of children who attend the school were flooded.  More than 50% of the school faculty and staff had 6-8 feet of water in their homes.   The tragedy is also an opportunity…an opportunity to show our love and unity in Christ with those who are hurting so.

For this year’s offering, we are asking you to bring gift cards (Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Visa are suggested) in any amount, to place in the offering plates.  The gifts cards will be sent to the Southern District Education Executive, Mr. Glenn Gerber, who will in turn deliver them to Baton Rough Lutheran for distribution to families in need.  You might also choose to include a card or note of encouragement with your offering.   If you choose to extend the opportunity to give to the entire school, that is ok too!

Your prayers and your worship offering will go a long way toward encouraging our neighbors across the Gulf.  Just another way to be, “All Things 2 All People.”


Blessings to you all,

Mark A. Brink

Executive Director for School and Youth Ministries
Florida-Georgia District, LC-MS
5850 T.G. Lee Blvd.  Suite 500
Orlando, FL  32822

Flooding in Baton Rouge

Targeting the Future

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Dear Friends,

As we head into the fall season, I want to share a few thoughts about the work we do together as the District. The Florida-Georgia Board of Directors, a number of years ago, adopted three critical targets. They include Leadership, Congregations and Outreach. The thought is that if we are to stand back and reflect on what is necessary to best equip, empower and engage to connect people to Jesus, these three things are essential. We want to raise up leaders, strengthen congregations and always keep our mission-focus through outreach.

In archery a target is what you aim at and the goal is to hit the target. When it comes to critical targets for an organization, the goal isn’t simply to hit the target, as if once you’ve hit the target you’ve completed it and are done. Rather, with critical targets the goal, as in archery, is to learn to continually hit the target. Over the many years that I have served in the Florida-Georgia District I have experienced many times when we’ve “hit” these three targets, yet they are still before us.

The Apostle Paul writes in Philippians 3:12-16, “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you. Only let us hold true to what we have attained.” Our gracious God has done marvelous things in, and through, the Florida-Georgia District. Many have been touched with the love of Jesus, many have been baptized, confirmed, married and buried in the faith because of the work that has been done in this District. However, God’s call to us is to press on!

These targets are not linear, but rather cylindrical, always moving in a circle. Strong and healthy leaders will lead to strong and healthy congregations, and strong and healthy congregations will naturally be engaged in outreach with the good news about Jesus, which leads back to the opportunity to raise up more leaders, and so on. Here are some of the ways that we are pressing on and “practicing” to continually work at hitting those three targets.

In the area of leadership we are working to provide the best resources and opportunities for our professional church workers that we can. We have committees that have put together awesome conference opportunities for workers to challenge and strengthen their skills sets for ministry. Certainly anyone will only get out of a conference what they put into it, but I can assure you that for both the pastors and educators conferences, great attention and care is taken to ensure that it is worth the very valuable time of those who participate.

In addition, we have brought in ministry partners to make it easier for our workers to participate in national programs. We have a working relationship with Pastoral Leadership Institute, Grace Place Wellness, and Doxology, who will all operate within the boundaries of the Florida-Georgia District this coming year, beginning this fall. In addition we have created with Kurt Bickel and Cornerstone a program called “Emergent Leaders.” What is unique about this training is that it is not only for professional church workers, but is inclusive of lay leaders as well, an area that we hope to spend more energy and focus on in the days ahead.

In the area of congregations the focus is on revitalizing ministries, encouraging them to embrace their community and engage in the Master’s business. We have several outside consultants available to congregations who desire to invest and renew their commitment to mission and ministry. Among them, I have deployed on a number of occasions Pastor Scott Gress, who serves on the staff of Lutheran Counseling Services in Orlando. Scott will work with congregations to help assess areas of challenge. In addition, he is a certified coach, and has coached a number of pastors, and in some cases lay leaders, to move them forward in ministry.

In this target of congregations we include the excellent work of Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), your ministry partner. LCEF has come alongside many of our ministries providing capital funding services, stewardship programs, not to mention loans. Our LCEF District Vice-President, Daniel J. Reichard, is constantly out on the road sharing the many free resources available to congregations through LCEF, including bringing Architectural Advisor, Greg Beste, along to help assess the physical needs of a campus.

All these things are done to help you hit the target of serving Jesus in your local community. Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16. The District Office and Staff don’t exist to draw attention away from your ministry, but instead, to undergird your ministry so that it shines in your community. Like the foundation of a house, our job isn’t to be seen, but to support you so that you are better equipped to reach people in your community with the good news of the gospel.

The target of outreach is one of the most crucial, but I believe that it often fails to happen because we often lack leadership or healthy congregations. The final command that Jesus gave His disciples before ascending into heaven was an outreach command. He said, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; and teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you…” Jesus also gives that privilege and responsibility to each of His followers. As a healthy rose will bloom naturally, outreach is the natural outcome for believers. It’s what we were created to do.

Certainly a part of this is planting new missions. Many of us can remember when it was common to plant new missions, and we marveled at how quickly they often grew. That doesn’t seem to be as common in our day. Could it be that we’ve not taken the command of Jesus seriously? Could it be that we’ve neglected the One who chose us and called us to bear fruit by failing to bear fruit for Him?

We have partnered with Lutheran Hour Ministries and even participated in a pilot program, The Outreach Initiative. We have seen some great things from this, but it’s only one avenue to explore. Shouldn’t it be our goal to find as many ways as possible to build relationships and share the good news of Jesus?

I was blessed last month to visit the North Georgia Mountains with my family. We visited the Vineyard of one of our LCMS members, and in the middle of the Vineyard was a giant Cross, very visible from the tasting room. Over and over, as guests entered that tasting room the question was asked why there was a big cross in the vineyard. It was an open opportunity for witness from my friend, who didn’t miss the opportunity. The truth is, these opportunities to testify to our faith in Jesus are all around us. Reaching out in the name of Jesus isn’t the same as growing a church. It’s all about caring for the eternal welfare of a soul. If we love people with the love of Jesus it may just be the seed that God plants to bring someone into faith or back into a faith relationship with Him.

For this reason we were chosen in Christ and called as His servants. Outreach isn’t only about pastors reaching their communities with the good news of Jesus. It’s about all of us being disciples of Jesus and telling the good news to those who need to hear. Maybe that means where you work or go to school. In some cases, maybe it’s just in your own family.

It has been said that actions speak louder than words. I didn’t grow up in a typical ministry family. I’m the first pastor in my family. But my father’s faith was a huge influence on my life. He was the manager of loans and finances, and I remember as a kid visiting his work from time to time. In fact, my first job was near his office. I would stop in occasionally at lunch, and almost every time he was studying the Bible during his lunch hour. His employees would see him studying, and knew his character, and would often ask him questions about faith and spirituality. He never had to push his faith. It was evident in how he lived. I pray that it would be so for each of us as well. This is the heart of outreach.

Critical Targets of leadership, congregations, and outreach, form the focus of our ministry together. May God grant us wisdom and grace to always be about the Master’s business as we work together to connect people to Jesus.


Your fellow servant,


Rev. Gregory S. Walton, President
FLGA District, LCMS

Lutheran Life 2016 vol 4

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The latest issue of Lutheran Life is in the mail to subscribers and is also available online.

This issues features the following:

  • LIFELINES:  Message from the President
  • 2016 Annual Report Edition of LIFE
  • Thrivent Members Support Orlando
  • District LWML Preparing for Convention
  • Leading Volunteers and Growing People
  • Outreach Initiative – “Me a Witness!”
  • LCEF Vision Path
  • District Stewardship Summing Offers INsights, Encouragement
  • New Concept for Educators Conference
  • District Ministries Respond to Orlando Tragedy with Compassion, Comfort
  • Florida-Georgia District LCMS Convention Participants
  • Calendar
  • District Capsules
  • Regional news
  • and much more

Watch for it in your mailbox, or read it online by using the link below:

Life 2016 vol 4

Lutheran Counseling Services Offers Ministerial Assistance Program

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Ministerial Assistance Program (MAP), a service of the FL-GA District and Lutheran Counseling Services is designed to help clergy, church workers, educators, parish nurses, secretaries, etc. and their families cope with the challenges and demands of church life and work. During this President’s Convocation our FL-GA District MAP services continue. Rev. Dr. Rick Armstrong, LMFT and Megan Miessler, LCSW, DCE will be with us for “conversation and consultation.”

  1. Assessment, referral and/or therapy for an individual, marriage or family concern
  2. A pastoral care congregational, staff, church school, or church governance issue
  3. A vocational crisis or redirection
  4. Help with a church worker or parishioner grievance

Whatever the issue, MAP can offer help, hope & healing through quality confidential assistance.

Call ahead of time (800-444-2842) to schedule an appointment or visit their booth at the Educators Conference to schedule a time with Rick Armstrong or Megan Miessler.

2016 Educators Conference Registration

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Educators Conference LogoThe 2016 FLGA District Educators Conference will be here before we know it!.  All the materials you will need to register for this uplifting event can be found on the Educators Conference webpage at: 

Important information and dates to note:

  • The Early Bird deadline is Friday, August 26.  If you want to take advantage of the early bird registration rate of $195 per person you will need to submit your registration, including payment by that date.  Registration information can be found here.
  • Ben Eggers Award Nominations and Barnabas Son of Encouragement Nominations are due in the District Office by Wednesday, August 31.
    • Ben Eggers Award information can be found here.
    • Download Son of Encouragement Award information here.
  • So many people have been affected by recent acts of violence in our world, our country, and our communities.  You might be interested in talking to a voice of reason from the professional counselors at Lutheran Counseling Services.  For more information, click here.


This Week Gods Pantry

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IMG_0629A ministry of Risen Savior Lutheran Church….

Dear Friends,

Today was Organized Chaos to say the least. We were blessed with 15,000 pounds of food that was distributed to 861 people. Between the paperwork and extreme heat (Heat index 101), it was a challenging day.

Once a year our clients have to fill out their paperwork coinciding with the Federal fiscal year.  Today was our first day.  It is only 7 questions but it is amazing how that can throw us off by changing our cadence. We were there 45 minutes later tonight than last week which had been a record week.

This week the favorites were cereal that we purchased thanks to an extra donation and apple-cherry juice.  The clients love juice even though it makes the boxes heavier.  They also appreciated the oil and egg noodles along with all the other goodies.


IMG_0616We are truly blessed in that every cent donated goes to food. A volunteer comes each week and takes the excess cardboard and encourages our clients to also take some. In this way, we don’t need a dumpster.  Volunteers use their own vehicles and gas at least twice a week to pick up our food supplies.   Printing and paper have been donated. Fully 100% of donations go to food or toiletries.  The local grocery stores have even been giving us the bags to wrap sandwiches in. This is why we have been able to do so much with so little. God has blessed us.

Fred  R. Anderson
Council President
Risen Savior Lutheran Church
“Changing Lives by Proclaiming our Risen Savior”



The Harvest

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The newest issue of the Outreach Blog is available! This month’s issue talks about the harvest being ready.


Here is a text version of this month’s blog: Outreach Blog #5 – The Harvest

To read all previous blogs visit the Outreach Blog Page.

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