Commissioned Forms & Files

Forms and Files for Commissioned Ministers of Religion, LCMS

Workers – Contact Update Information Form

District Personnel Files

LEIF – The new and updated “LEIF” is the only form now required for commissioned workers to use to update their information. The LEIF can only be completed on-line. Access to the LEIF is through the Lutheran School Portal.

For more information regarding the Portal and how to access it please contact the following in the District Office:
Lynda Voss at or Cindy Hammerstrom at

Ethics Documents

The following resources were compiled by the Michigan District, LCMS, and are offered as a guide.
Congregation Ethic Documents
Partners in Ministry – Ethical Conduct for Congregations
Study Guide

Professional Church Worker Ethics Documents
Partners in Ministry – Ethical Conduct for Professional Church Workers
Study Guide

Roster Status Forms

Explanation of Inactive Status
Or you can click here to complete the form online.

Annual reporting forms for Inactive Workers – both Commissioned and Ordained…..

Candidate status
Emeritus status

Bylaw 2.11

Application for Inactive Status