Church Worker Family Care Commission

As part of the Leadership Emphasis of the Florida-Georgia District, church workers and their families are living healthy, Christ centered lives.

  • Church workers are taking steps toward personal wellness in spiritual, physical and emotional self care.
  • A growing number of church workers have become aware of the issues in their lives and have engaged in experiences that promote healthy, Christ-centered living.

Help for the Church Worker and Family
Confidential Professional Caring

FLGA District, LCMS & Lutheran Counseling Services
Orlando Area: 407-644-4692
Toll Free: 800-444-2842

Currently serving on this committee are:

Rev. Tim Hartner
Kurt Bickel
Rev. Dr. Rick Armstrong
Mrs. Edna Busch
Mrs. Ann Eissfeldt
Rev. Billy Brath
Mrs. Megan Miessler


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