The Story of the Florida-Georgia District
The numbers in the Florida-Georgia District were few in 1948, but by God’s grace they have multiplied many times since then. We take heart from that history. If God could cause the endeavors of the early missionaries to prosper, he can cause our efforts in these latter days to succeed as well. The filed today are undoubtedly riper than they have ever been as the population of our two states and the Bahamas continues to mushroom. Let this jubilees history of our District’s growth encourage us to take up with renewed commitment and zeal the gathering of the ripening harvest.

We express our hearty thanks to James Prahlow for his faithful, readable history of how the District’s fields have been planted, tended and harvested during the District’s first five decades. Melinda Hopf’s cover art gives graphic expression to this theme, for which we are also grateful. Our confidence is that this history will spur us to keep on working, “gath’ring sheaves for [the Lord’s] right hand.”

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