In cooperation with The LCMS Disaster Response program of Synod, The Florida-Georgia District invites your Congregation to join the joint effort to create one thousand (1,000) or more prepared Flood Buckets to assist LCMS Disaster Response mercy efforts to those affected by flooding.  There is no set limit to the number of Flood Buckets your Congregation prepares.  The District is asking that each participating Congregation try to put together at least ten (10) Flood Buckets.

The program flows as follows:

  1. As a Congregation, decide how many Flood Buckets you wish to put together. Each Flood Bucket costs about $15 to $20 to prepare and most supplies can be picked up at a “Dollar Tree” type store.  There will most likely be a transportation cost to get the buckets to a rallying point for pickup.  We are told that this endeavor qualifies for startup costs as a Thrivent Action Team grant.
  2. Sign up on the District web site below. Before you sign up, be ready to give us your point of contact for your Congregation and their contact information.  We will need this to coordinate information for the rallying point.  The District office will arrange for an LCMS flood bucket stickers and devotionals to be sent to your point of contact for the number of Flood Buckets you indicate in your registration.  The congregation is responsible for the container content sticker. (see #4 below)
  3. Download preparation instructions here..
  4. Once you have your contents in hand, you can use this link to download the sticker template,  that lists the contents of your buckets.
  5. Advertise the program within your Congregation. You can download Bulletin Inserts here.
  6. Coordinate the volunteers to put the Flood Buckets together. Please ensure your buckets have lids and that you use a rubber mallet to seal the lids.  Put both the LCMS Disaster Response sticker and the Content sticker on each bucket. Take pictures of the event and share them with the District office.
  7. Put the buckets in storage and let the District office know how many you have ready. The District Coordinator will apprise all congregations of the plan to bring them to a Circuit Rally point.  The target date for the Rally of Flood Buckets will be ON OR NEAR September 16, 2017.
  8. Look for information in Lutheran Life and on the District web site to see the work of many hands in acts of mercy toward our fellow man. For further information contact the District office and ask to speak with John Elliott or contact the overall program coordinator, Carl Brul, at 678-953-9064 or