Lutheran Educator Information Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is to complete the Lutheran Educator Information Form?

Officially the LEIF is to be completed by all individuals who are on the roster of synod or are eligible for the roster. The LEIF on the portal has been designed so all those who serve in a Lutheran School can complete the form. (We anticipate a few additional fields being added to make this form more appropriate for non-rostered workers.)

Where is the Lutheran Educator Information Form found?

The form is found on the Lutheran School Portal. http://luthed.org 

Will the LEIF be found in any other place? What about on paper?

No, the LEIF may only be completed on line. Access to the LEIF is through the Lutheran School Portal.

How will the information be used?

Efforts have been made to process the information in a professional manner which respects the rights of each worker. The first and foremost use of the data will be to assist in the development of Call lists as congregations and schools seek candidates for openings on their staff. In addition, the information is necessary for our district and synodical records as districts carry out their responsibilities.

How does a school join the Lutheran School Portal?

All schools in our system are eligible to subscribe to the Lutheran School Portal. Portal membership provides a variety of services including District and National news, access to school and early childhood mailings, resources, premium services and more. To obtain a subscription contact School Ministry, 1333 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO.

Once a portal member, does each member of my staff have access to a LEIF?

Yes, once you subscribe you enter each member of your team. Once enrolled, each member receives a unique login and password and they can complete their own form. They also have access to all of the other resources found in the portal.

What if our school is unable to subscribe to the portal at this time? How do we complete our LEIF?

Your administrator can request a trial period. During this window your administrator can enroll each staff member, they can complete their LEIF and the administrator can complete the school’s statistical report form for the year. To obtain this trial period your administrator must send an email to Kathy.Fangmann@lcms.org including the following information; school name, administrator’s name, complete school address, administrator’s email address and a statement of request. The administrator will receive a notice that their trial has been awarded and will receive instructions to enroll the team.

What if I serve as DCE, DCO or in another Commissioned Minister position? How do I gain access to complete my LEIF?

Your district office has the ability to enroll individuals as LEIF only access to the portal. Please contact your district office and request LEIF only access.

I am not currently serving in a school or parish. How do I get to complete a LEIF for possible candidate status?

Individuals not serving at the current time are to contact their district office for assistance. The district office is able to assign a LEIF only account to the worker to allow them to be included in the database.

How do I complete the form? Are there instructions?

Yes, a detailed instruction sheet is available on the portal and from your district office. A copy is attached to this notice.

Once I complete the form do I have to complete it every year?

That is part of the beauty of this system. You can update your form at any time by simply correcting or adding items that have changed. You make the changes, save the changes and your record is current.

I have a suggestion. It may help others as well. Who do I send suggested changes and ideas to?

We value your input. Please send your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to Kathy.Fangmann@lcms.org.

Our school is in need of a list of candidates. Where do we start?

There is no change here! The first place to start is with your District Office. Your district office will provide important information and can provide temporary access to search the new LEIF for possible candidates.

Who is finally responsible for the LEIF and the LEIF process?

The Lutheran Educator Information Form is the responsibility of the LCMS Council of Presidents. The Council, working in partnership with School Ministry and our District Executives has developed the form. It combines the previous PEIF/LEIF forms. The Council of Presidents must approve any changes to the form. The Council of Presidents has selected the Lutheran School Portal to host the service for our workers.