Administrators Association




LAA Leaders:

Secretary  –  Ms.   Pat   Weingart
Communicator –  Mr.   Jesse   Crosmer
President –  Mr.   Jeff   Wittcop

Report of Administrator Meeting Minutes 2013.9.20

Report of LAA minutes 2012.9.28

Report of LAA to the 2012 Educators Conference

          Survey Presentation at Ed. Conf.

Report of LAA minutes 2012.1.13

Report of LAA to the 31st Regular FLGA District Convention:

The Lutheran Administrators Association (LAA) of the Florida Georgia District serves the administrators of our Lutheran Education agencies.  It meets twice a year in the fall and in the winter and has 5 main purposes:

  • To provide opportunities for professional growth among school administrators;
  • To develop a resource network for professional and personal support;
  • To improve our schools through the partnership and support of our administrators;
  • To team with the district on matters of importance;
  • To give an opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth.

We are blessed to work directly and in consort with Mr. Mark Brink the Executive Director School Ministries and Lynda Voss Administrative Assistant School Ministries.  Mark provides guidance and leadership that connects us with the District and Synod. The LAA thanks Lynda for her support with communication, email distribution, web site updating and online registrations for events.

During the past triennium the association has been lead by:

  • Past President, Jack Hibbs, Principal of Faith in Marietta, Georgia and
  • Past Secretary, Jane Nicklaus, Principal of Our Savior, Plantation, Florida.

Current officers include:

  • President: Mr. Robert Ziegler, Principal of St. Michael Lutheran School PK-8 Ft. Myers, FL
  • President Elect: Mrs. Heather Olsen, Director of Zion New Life ELC, Winter Garden, FL
  • Secretary: Mr. David Geidel, Principal of Immanuel Lutheran School PK-8 Brandon, FL
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Corinne Hoffert, Principal of Faith Lutheran School PK-8 Eustis, FL

The work program of the LAA over the triennium has included:

    • Continued meeting twice annually at the fall and winter conferences.
    • Hosting of the LCMS School Ministry National Funding Academy II in 2011.
    • Hosting of the National Lutheran Education Associations: nationalAdministrators Conference [LEA NAC] in 2012
    • Using New Horizon’s consultant, Paul Brandt at the 2010 winter conference on Supervision and Evaluation of staff.  The conference included a session by Mike Rhinehart and Robert Ziegler of St. Michael regarding the Classroom Walkthrough program by Teachscape.
    • Annually hosting debriefing and web interaction after participation in the Florida Educators Technology Conference [FETC] attended by school Technology staff.  Thanks to Paul Schwanof St. Michael in Fort Myers, and Matt Bergholt of Trinity First in Orlando for coordinating this event.  View the information sharing section at:
    • Robert Boyd, Principal of St. Paul in Lakeland attended on behalf of the LAA the national Association of Elementary School Principal’s convention when it was in Tampa.  Bob prepared a seminar via a narrated PowerPoint for the LAA members.  Please wait a few minutes for the file to load, it is a large file.
  • Compliance with the FLGA District accounting systems by closing the independent checking account and consolidating all accounting within the District accounting system and protocols.
  • The Dr. Ben Eggers Outstanding Educator Awards were given in the fall of 2009 and 2010.  Review all previous award winners here:  Ben Eggers Recipients

Current projects involve expansion of the Teachscape program, FETC & Winter Conference 2013 program dovetailing, participation in the PCNet initiative, establishment of a book swap process, and updating of the LAA Constitution and Bylaws.

Respectfully submitted by the President of the LAA,

Robert Ziegler