Starting a New Church …right person, PLACE, plan, time

Right Place….

The Book of Acts shows that Paul used a formula that added PRAYER + PEOPLE = NEW CHURCH. Throughout Acts we see Paul being rerouted by the will of God to go to a new place and his being kept from going to Rome for a very long time. Paul bowed to the will of God and was guided by prayer and open door opportunities that were presented. Paul also knew that he must go to where the people were. Many of his mission stations were the epicenters of business and commerce, the trading routes of the Middle East. Here many people lived, others would come and go but here is where the gospel was planted, churches were started.

Getting started…

Prayer…what fertile fields around you do you see? Are there other Lutheran Churches in this immediate area? How close? Begin to think about what a new church would look like and how it would connect to the people of this area? Pray with a group of others…you just may find that God has placed others in and around you who are thinking the very same thing!

FL-GA District provides free demographics to every congregation. Simply register at to begin your search of the RIGHT PLACE. Contact  Kathy Keene  at 407.857.5556 to receive help.

Mission Opportunities Abound!

The population of our two states is approximately 28 million people. The average county sees 40% of her residents claiming no religious affiliation and only 18% attend church on any given Sunday. The Great Commission stands as a stark reminder that our work is not yet done when comparing church affiliation, attendance and membership with population growth of 17.6% in Florida and 18.3% in GA over the past decade.

Georgia’s Top 5 Cities

  1. Atlanta 420,003 0.8%
  2. Augusta- Richmond Co 200,549 0.4%
  3. Columbus 189,885 1.9%
  4. Savannah 136,286 3.6%
  5. Athens-Clark Co 116,714 15.0%

GA Top Growing Counties
County Population Percentage of Growth

  1. Fulton 921,000 12.8%
  2. Gwinnett 805,000 36.9%
  3. DeKalb 692,000 3.9%
  4. Cobb 688,000 13.2%
  5. Chatham 265,000 14.3%

Total GA 9.6 million 18.3%

FL Top 5 Cities
City Population Percentage of Growth

  1. Jacksonville 822,000 11.7%
  2. Miami 399,000 10.2%
  3. Tampa 336,000 10.6%
  4. St. Pete 245,000 1.4%
  5. Orlando 238,000 28.2%

FL Top Growing Counties
County Population Percentage of Growth

  1. Miami Dade 2.5 million 10.8%
  2. Broward 1.7 million 7.7%
  3. Palm Beach 1.3 million 16.7%
  4. Hillsborough 1.2 million 23.1%
  5. Orange 1.1 million 27.8%

Total FL 18.8 million + 2.3 million in 10 yr 17.6%

Florida’s growth trailed only Texas and California with a solid 17.6% despite the recession. New York has 19.4 million people and Florida will likely surpass New York in the next few years as the third most populace state in the U.S. Florida’s growth added a lot of young people in child bearing years according to the 2010 Census.