Starting a New Church …right person, place, plan, TIME

What is the Right Time?

NASA, prior to countdown would report, “all systems go.” Right Time has a lot to do with how all the pieces to starting the mission seem to be coming together. Right Time would be that you have found the Right Place, have the Right Person identified, and have developed the Right Plan you see that it’s “all systems go,” you are ready to pull the ministry trigger. I have seen a few missions begin however at the WRONG TIME. Instances of arriving at the RIGHT PLACE but ahead of the city government, schools and infrastructure have made it difficult for the mission to succeed. In this example the planter found that the growing community that he had was actually made up of residents from foreign countries who bought houses as investment and vacation property. This very same area is now growing and is ripening for a new church start. Right Place yes but Wrong Time! Wrong Time would also be when you have most of the other RIGHTS lined up but you are little “iffy” on one of them or you have immovable external forces that oppose the mission. Examples here would be; finding the right person only to find that he will likely not accept the call, or city or community government agencies, codes or regulations that make it impossible to start a church, in the future buy land and build. Economics of our past several years have made it difficult also to aggressively start new missions but with or without money we ARE in MISSION!