Resources are available here for your Stewardship program:

You can find the Steward Advisors Resources here.

StewardLink to 2015 Stewardship Summit Resources

Link to:  2014 Stewardship Resources

Documents in Word:

Sermons in Word:

  1. God’s Purpose
  2. God’s Passion
  3. God’s Plan
  4. God’s Provisions
  5. God’s Promises

Sermons – Power Point:

These are large files, some are very large.  Right click on the link and click save link as…. to save the file to your computer.  Once it has downloaded you can open it.

  1. God’s Purpose ppt
  2. God’s Passion ppt
  3. God’s Plan ppt
  4. God’s Provisions ppt
  5. God’s Promises ppt