It’s more about what you ask them than what you tell them! I wish I had a dollar for every time I have been told, “it’s so hard to share my faith in Jesus, I just wouldn’t know what to say,” then I say simply ask some very strategic and powerful questions. Many people are spiritually paralyzed when it comes to sharing their faith in Jesus. I share this witnessing tip especially for those of you who know exactly what I mean. Perhaps we could all learn from Jesus Himself the importance of asking questions. Questions are easier to ask and don’t require of you a degree in bible competency. Let me illustrate, at the well in John 4 Jesus asked the Samaritan woman for a drink. It was this one comment that opened up an entire witnessing conversation between Jesus and the woman. In fact an entire town came to see and hear Jesus because of this one question!

Questions are powerful. They are long lasting and have impact much after the person asking the question has left the room. A question remains alive and demands, of the hearer, answer me. Jesus asks for water. He made Himself in need of her help. She was a woman, He was a man and He was a Jew and she knew what most Jews thought of Samaritans. With this one little question, “can you give me a drink?” Jesus knocks down all these barriers and allows for a further conversation to develop. I have found that asking people for their help many times will open a door for a witness. It certainly allows for a deeper conversation to occur. Jesus then said to the woman, “if you knew the gift of God and who it is who asks you for a drink, you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” Here Jesus couples the original question with a short comment that further wetted her appetite. She wanted the water Jesus spoke of. She wanted what He had. What is it in the other person’s life that they are “thirsting,” for?

I have used questions in a variety of scenarios to elicit deeper conversation and dialogue about Jesus. I recall sitting with someone who was at the hospital with a dying loved one, his name was Ron and his wife, Lori, had adult leukemia. She was a real trooper, she had tried everything modern medicine could give her and still death came. Her husband Ron, a “not yet believer,” was present through all of it. We went through some real highs and lows together. I remember visiting almost daily in the hospital and after the funeral Ron and I had another visit. He said, you know how you asked me if I wanted to have a peace that surpasses all human understanding?

I said, yeah Ron I do that was when Lori was in the hospital several months ago, before she had the bone marrow biopsy. “Yeah, that question stayed with me and I must have tried to answer It a thousand times Pastor and all I keep seeing is Lori and how strong she was, how much at peace she was with living or dying. I want that peace!” He was hungry for Christ’s peace. I ended up marrying Ron and his new wife over a year later and joyously I also had the privilege of conducting Ron’s funeral, it was for a Christian man who had come to know the One who alone gives such a peace that surpasses all human understanding. Perhaps this story will show you the power of using questions in your Christian witness.

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