Advent Devotions

2021 Advent Devotions — Celebrating Our Sending God

Advent is a season when we anticipate celebrating again God’s sending Jesus to be our Savior. Throughout God’s Holy Word you will find our God is a sending God. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s sending nature is consistent and evident. The Florida-Georgia District will celebrate a Year of Jubilee beginning in January 2022, with an unabashed focus and encouragement for God’s people to be in His Word daily. Advent is a season preparing us, certainly to celebrate God’s sending of His only Son into the world, reminding us we are also sent into the world in Jesus’ name. God’s heart for the world now beats through each of us.

Over the next few weeks we have developed Advent devotions to focus you on how God has always sent His faithful to do His work in the world. These are part of the cloud of witnesses which surrounds us and a powerful reminder for each of us as we await the Sent One, that we also, are sent ones who are called to go out in the name of Jesus. We are part of the great sending of God.  Jesus said, “I am sending you!” He reminds us we did not choose Him, but He chose each of us and appointed us to bear fruit, fruit which will last. This is our privilege and our legacy, not just during the Advent season, but all year round. May this Advent season open our eyes in wonder as we once again hear God’s call sending us into the world with the wonderful news of a Savior—Jesus, the Christ!

During the Year of Jubilee we will also encourage congregations to make use of the book, The Great Sending, which provides 42 Bible Studies to use in a variety of settings. God promised through the Prophet Zechariah if we would return to Him He would return to us (Zech. 1:3). This happens as His Word transforms our hearts and minds.

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