“If any man aspires to the office of overseer , it is a fine work he desires to do.” 1 Timothy 3:1
The following is intended to assist those who feel as though they may be pastoral candidates.
    1. Contact President Walton to set up an appointment. This meeting will describe the entire process, costs, provide application materials and map out the steps you will go through.  The District Office telephone number is 407.857.5556 ext. 8.
    2. District Interview Committee meets with candidate
    3. Training Route Chosen
  • Residential Training at Concordia University School/Seminary
  • Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) online with mentor pastor
  • Colloquy – a pastor who is ordained in a non LCMS congregation who desires to become an LCMS pastor can apply to colloquize into the Lutheran Church Mo Synod (LCMS). A theological interview is required both at the District level and seminary level. Other approvals are also needed but will be explained in the meeting with President Walton.
  • Center for Hispanic Studies (CHS) online with mentor pastor in Spanish two levels of training. Level one is for leadership training as a lay leader. Level two is seminary level.
  • Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT) online with mentor pastor in English for ethnic immigrant candidates.
  • Mission Training Center (MTC) – online with mentor pastor allows for licensed deacon with permission of ministry/congregation and District President.
  1. Application sent to appropriate place of training
  2. Training and Service in the local church occur simultaneous in each of the above online or distance learning models.