Calling a Commissioned Minister

Calling a Commissioned Minister of Religion

Guidelines have been developed in an effort to assist congregations in the process of Calling qualified workers to serve with them in ministry. While we are involved in making business decisions, it is vital that those who have accepted the responsibility of securing workers for ministry, begin so with prayer that they might be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit who guides and directs the process of Calling workers in His kingdom through people, on behalf of congregations. A Call comes from God through the congregation and is extended by God to the Called person. All Rostered personnel are engaged by Call rather than contract.

In the Call process, the Synod (national church body) and its Districts assist congregations and workers, and maintain the integrity and orderliness of the process. A Call is extended by a single congregation, recognized service organization, Synodical board, district board, or any entity that has the authority to extend a Call by virtue of its representing LCMS congregations. The District becomes involved in the process when a Calling entity seeks to issue a Call, whether from the field or through placement. The District authorizes the installation of workers who have accepted Calls.

Calling entities seeking to Call a worker from the field should follow the steps below. Calling entities seeking the placement of a Synodical university graduate should place a request online at: //

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