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Upcoming Mission Mondays Topics


  • July 26 – Spiritual Warfare
  • Join Guest Host Rev. Dr. Vic Belton for next week’s topic- Spiritual Warfare in Missions – When we hear words like ‘spiritual warfare’ we often think of things that are goofy and spooky. Since we esteem this issue as the haven for those who are somehow off balance or ‘uber charismatic’ we may tend to dismiss the importance of spiritual warfare in our life, family, congregation, and new mission plants to the disappointment of our Father, but the great joy and appreciation of the enemy. The result is that we reject one of the tools we have been given to disrupt the seemingly prevailing gates of Hell. You are invited to open your hearts and minds and join with us to discern what the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit teaches us through the word of God regarding the value and practice of spiritual warfare and how that relates to missions in an incredibly special way.
  • August 9 – Campus Ministry – a Vital Ministry! 
  • Campus Ministry is a vitally important part of our mission and outreach work, one in which you have an important role! Why is campus ministry so important in these times? What role does a congregation have in the lives of their collegians? Does your church see nearby campuses as your local mission field? As a new semester nears, what is your part in this vital ministry? Join FLGA Campus Ministers as they share their joys and challenges in Campus Ministry.
  • August 23 – Puerto Rico FORO – A Mission Opportunity
  • Sept 13 – Exploring Church Planting, Part 1
  • Sept 27 – Exploring Church Planting, Part 2


Archive of Past Topics

Please reach out to Dr. Peter Meier for more information and resources on past topics.

2021 Archive Topics and Descriptions

July 12 - Are Microchurches in your future??

Are Micro-Churches in Your Future? – When we use the word “church” one person may think of one thing while another thinks of something entirely different. How do we accurately define church (the visible church) and what is its most basic form? How could this help us when it comes to planting new churches and growing the Kingdom of God? Jesus says that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, so how can we apply that to “church” today? How are micro-churches different from typical “small groups?” Join us as we discuss micro-church as the simplest, most basic iteration of “church” and what that means for us in our culture and contexts today.

June 28 – Is Everyone a Missionary?

Everyone A Missionary? We all know people who are “missionaries,” and have prayed for and supported some financially. But have you thought of yourself as a missionary? Are the only real “missionaries” those who serve overseas in a foreign “mission field?” Do you know that you have your own personal mission field? What is that? We’ll talk about the role each Christian has in God’s mission and what that means for our daily lives and relationships.

June 14 – Grief Share Ministry

Grief Ministry and Outreach One item of “unfinished business” that every congregation must address as we come out of the Pandemic is the issue of grief. The Pandemic has highlighted our need to talk about grief and minister to members, family and neighbors. How have you addressed this important issue? GriefShare is a grief support group/seminar chosen by over 20,000 churches worldwide. This Christ-centered, lay-led program is leading the way in helping churches care for the bereaved. It is also a potential outreach ministry to the community. Guest GriefShare leaders Stephanie Patrick and Fern Fischer will share this unique outreach ministry.

May 24 - Influence as Mission

Influence as Mission Every person has his or her own “sphere of influence” – those people with whom we connect on a regular basis, and in whose lives we have some influence. Who are those in your sphere of influence, and how can you connect with them for the sake of the Gospel? Join us May 24 to map out your influence and discuss how God can use you to connect people to Jesus! 

May 10 - Prayer Walking
  • May 10– Prayer Walking

Here’s an outreach activity in which nearly everyone can engage! Jesus invites us to pray for the Harvest and for more Harvest Workers. Why not pray as we walk through our harvest fields? Whether simply walking and praying, or asking “How can I pray for you,” Prayer Walking can actually engage more than Walkers – the Walkers can share requests with other prayers in your congregation. This is a pre-requisite for starting new faith communities, ministries and new church plants – but every church and every Christian person can bless their community in this way!

April 28 - Summer Outreach Ideas
  • April 28 – Summer Outreach Ideas

Summer is an ideal time for neighborhood outreach. VBS is often the “BIG Event” – can we do more? What plans are you making to connect with your neighbors? Join the discussion and share your ideas, as well as receive ideas and useful resources for your church!

April 12 - The Post-Quarantine Church
  • April 12 – The Post-Quarantine Church

When does “back to normal” begin? Will we ever get there? How can we prepare ourselves for the “post-quarantine” era? We are not entering this era alone. Not only is God with us, He has gone before us! Where is He leading? Join us for observations, discussion, and encouragement as we share new opportunities for the re-gathering church.

March 22 - "Engagement" is the New "Attendance"
  • March 22 – “Engagement” is the New “Attendance”

Engagement Is the New Attendance After one year of COVID “pivots” and changes, you’ve probably noticed that methods we used to depend on to connect people to church and keep them connected don’t “work” anymore. Our culture has changed. The mission of God has not, however. Instead of trying to attract people to church, let’s think about “engaging” them. Traditionally, we know when people are engaged by their presence, but how about those who are digitally present? What are some of the ways we might engage those who are “digital” or “phygital” members?

March 8 - Grandparents in Mission

March 8 – Grandparents in Mission

Grandparenting is much more than looking for ways to spoil our grandchildren! Many grandparents are actually parenting their grandchildren; others have been separated by the Pandemic, while some have been isolated and cut off by their children so that they cannot visit or communicate with their children. How do grandparents see and understand their role spiritually? How can we influence the spiritual life and maturation of our grandchildren? Join us for discussion and idea sharing as we consider mission opportunities for grandparents.

February 22 - Outreach to/with Seniors
  • February 22 – Outreach to/with Seniors – With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, what impact does this have on our congregations? Do we wring our hands because we have so many retirees, or do we celebrate and utilize the gifts of our seniors? The US population of seniors is 16%, yet in the LCMS, they are 30% of our membership. The graying of our churches raises concerns about the future, yet seniors are active and productive members in their churches and communities. What are challenges and opportunities to reach unchurched seniors and to engage seniors in outreach ministries? How can seniors make significant impact in the outreach efforts of our churches and ministries?
February 8 - Great Small Churches, Part 2
  • February 8  – Great Small Churches, Part 2 –  Small Churches are those with 50 (plus or minus 50) people in attendance. If this is your church, join us for conversation and encouragement! No need to feel “small” as you look at nearby larger congregations. Instead, ask how God can take your humble beginnings and offer you great possibilities to accomplish much for His kingdom? Bigger and Better is not the church’s business. Let’s not make faulty assumptions, but let’s consider how God uses all the churches He has planted – no matter how small! Join us for encouragement and sharing as we consider how small churches can fulfil the purpose God intends for them!
January 25, Great Small Churches, Part 1

 Often, pastors and members of “small churches” feel discouraged and disappointed with their ministry as they look at nearby larger congregations. Why not ask how God can take your humble beginnings and offer you great possibilities to accomplish much for His kingdom. Bigger and Better is not the church’s business. Let’s not make faulty assumptions, but let’s consider how God uses the churches He has planted – no matter how small! Join us for encouragement and sharing as we consider how small churches can fulfil the purpose God intends for them!

January 11, Community Outreach Ideas

Community Outreach Ideas –  Many, if not most of our churches and schools are involved in community outreach in some way, even in the Pandemic. How are you involved? How do you know what the community really needs/desires in terms of outreach? How do you involve members of the community in events and service? Join us to discuss and share, and find out how the FLGA District is able to support your outreach efforts with its new “Miracle Grow” initiative.

2020 Archive Topics

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June 22 –  Prayer and Missions
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