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Upcoming Mission Mondays Topics

  • January 25
  • Great Small Churches, Part 1  Often, pastors and members of “small churches” feel discouraged and disappointed with their ministry as they look at nearby larger congregations. Why not ask how God can take your humble beginnings and offer you great possibilities to accomplish much for His kingdom. Bigger and Better is not the church’s business. Let’s not make faulty assumptions, but let’s consider how God uses the churches He has planted – no matter how small! Join us for encouragement and sharing as we consider how small churches can fulfil the purpose God intends for them!
  • February 28  – Great Small Churches, Part 2
  • February 22 – Outreach to/with Seniors
  • March 8 – Grandparent Missions

Archive of Past Topics

Please reach out to Dr. Peter Meier for more information and resources on past topics.

2021 Archive Topics and Descriptions

January 11, Community Outreach Ideas

Community Outreach Ideas –  Many, if not most of our churches and schools are involved in community outreach in some way, even in the Pandemic. How are you involved? How do you know what the community really needs/desires in terms of outreach? How do you involve members of the community in events and service? Join us to discuss and share, and find out how the FLGA District is able to support your outreach efforts with its new “Miracle Grow” initiative.

2020 Archive Topics

June 8 –  Don’t Waste This Crisis
June 22 –  Prayer and Missions
July 13 –  Faith Sharing & Spiritual Conversations
August 10 –  Beyond Church as We Know It – Venal Dogmata_1
August 24 –  Beyond Church…  Venal Dogmata_2
September 14 –  Beyond Church… Venal Dogmata_3
September 28 –  Disciple-Making: Job#1
October 12 –  Disciple_Making: Job#1
October 26 –  Discipleship: Discovery Bible Study
November 9  –  Lutheran Schools: Mission Tools
November 23 –  Lutheran Schools: Missionart Teams
December 14 –  Discipleship at Home: Family Devotions