You have a unique opportunity as a business connected to the LCMS. Your Lutheran ties enable you to invest your firm’s funds in order to empower ministries in all they do to expand God’s kingdom. Their outreach will be enriched by having the funds your organization invests available to them to use for low-cost loans and ministry support resources.

Investing with LCEF connects you to ministries across the world while you earn competitive rates and retain ownership of investment balances.

LCEF offers different investment types to best suit your needs.

Online access through MyAccount promotes the good stewardship of resources. By using these financial services, you help us reduce administrative costs. That in turn allows us to keep loan and service rates to churches, schools, and church workers as low as possible.

MyAccount access is granted through an application process to investors and loan customers. Fill out an application to receive your user name and password.

Note: Some LCEF investments are not available to investors living in South Carolina, per state regulations. Review your state’s Offering Circular for details.

Fees may be charged for customer-initiated special service requests.