LCEF makes available loans and ministry-support resources to equip LCMS ministries as they embrace God’s plan for their members. These are all possible through investments made by ministries as well as individuals. By choosing LCEF, you are choosing an organization that embraces the LCMS, and supports only ministries within it. By sharing our gifts, we can grow the reach of our church together.

Your funds can be invested to meet the varied needs of your organization.

Easy-access investments with no maturity date

Giving you the most access with no specific maturity date, you may wish to invest in:

Investments with maturity dates to help you plan

Helping you plan for investment income, building projects or endowments, with specific maturity dates, you may wish to invest in:


Account Tools

Tools to make your account work for you, giving you control of your account:

Note: Some LCEF investments are not available to organizations in South Carolina, per state regulations. Review your state’s Offering Circular for details.