RIF-Reduction in Force

This resource was developed by LCMS School Ministries for congregations when it became apparent that most congregations did not have policies and procedures to guide them when the economic downturn made it necessary for a Reduction in Force (RIF) in their ministries.

The lack of clear policy and procedure to guide many congregations through such a process escalated already highly emotional situations, and left many asking for help after the fact. We are grateful to LCMS School Ministries Director, Bill Cochran, for recognizing the need for a resource such as this. A word of thanks is extended to the team that oversaw development of this document, Deaconess Sally Hiller, DCE Jim Bradshaw, Teacher Perry Bresemann and Teacher Mark Brink.

It is important to note that this document is made available to congregations of the Florida-Georgia District as a resource. It is not District policy nor is it recommended that congregations adopt its contents as policy unless it is the result of planning and due diligence on the part of congregation. This document has been developed primarily by LCMS School Ministries and revised by Florida-Georgia District staff and has undergone human resources scrutiny. This document is not an official document or policy of the Synod or of the Florida-Georgia District. In any event, congregations are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel regarding applicable law before adopting any Reduction in Force policy.

With that, we strongly encourage all congregations to develop policies and procedures that will guide them through the process of Reduction in Force. The time for action is before the situation occurs, or occurs again. We welcome your feedback to help us make this resource more helpful.

Rev. Gregory S. Walton
District President, FL-GA District, LCMS

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