On March 7-9, 2022 we will gather under the theme of “Tell Me a Story” for the Veterans of the Cross Retreat! This event inspires attendees to tell the story of Jesus to the next generation. Speakers and worship leaders will lead the attendees to understand how their lives are intertwined with the story of Jesus.

Event Highlights:

We are excited to have Author, Dr. Mary Manz Simon as our keynote, Rev. Dr. Jeffery Moore as our Bible Study Leader, and President Walton as the Proclaimer this year. There will be breakout sessions, Mission Presentations, Worship, and all the wonderful fellowship of your fellow veterans.

We are pleased to share there is no price increase in 2022* and our rates will remain $175 per person with two in a room ($350 couple), $215 for a single room, $50 per day for commuting, $140 per person for a campsite ($280 couple).

*$50.00 discount to first-time attendees who are registered for two nights of lodging.

Registration Deadline is February 12, 2022!

Please don’t let the fees discourage you from attending. There is a scholarship fund for those who may be in need of assistance. Please contact the District Office and we will see what we are able to do to discreetly assist you. Please note that there will be NO onsite registration—you must be pre-registered!

Storytelling Opportunity:

Storytelling is a favorite pastime of many Veterans of the Cross. We enjoy both sharing and hearing stories. Has it crossed your mind to tell someone your faith story? Today’s technology provides a wide variety of ways to share with present and future generations.  At this year’s VOC retreat, Mary Manz Simon will be sharing her vision of Faith StoriesTM under the theme, “Tell me a Story.”

To help Mary, the VOC committee is looking for a few people to record their own faith stories in advance to show at the retreat.  We can walk you through the simple steps of preparing, recording, and transmitting it.  Interested?  Contact Rev. Bob Steinke, Retreat Chair revstein@verizon.net or Kathy Keene, District Office, kkeene@flgadistrict.org.

As an attendee, you will have the opportunity during the retreat to tell your faith story and have it recorded.  Now is the time to jot down some notes in preparation for sharing.