Culture of Mission and Outreach

Outreach Goals

  1. Train 10% or more of our FLGA District baptized membership in outreach.
  2. Each circuit hold at least one outreach training event of their choice annually.

Strategy:  To provide training in outreach through

  • District training resources –    407.857.5556 ext 2
    • Connecting Congregations and Communities to Christ
    • Developing my Story of His Story (developing a personal testimony)
    • Conversational Evangelism Training
    • Net Fishing & Line Fishing
    • Understanding How to Witness in Our Culture (a look at several of Paul’s letters)
    • Demographics – Knowing your neighbors leads to better witnessing
    •                             – Developing Ministries & Programs that meet needs
    • Assimilation / Friendship Sunday and Getting Ready for Visitors
    • Visitor Follow Up & Member care
    • Church Assessments – What might the visitors be thinking of our …..
    • Muslim Ministry Task Force – FLGA
    • Grant Writing Workshops – FLGA
    • Lutheran Hour Ministries
    • 72 Partners  941.752.9737
    • Rural and Small Town Ministries 1.888.463.5127
    • Rebecca’s Garden of Hope (Children’s Mentoring)  (407) 256-4393
    • Life Tree Café’  search for LIFE TREE launch kit

Church Planting

  1. Launch 4 or more new missions annually.
  2. Surpass 70,000 or more baptized members in the FLGA District by 2017.
  3. Identify 50 new potential mission stations.
  4. $1 Million Renewable Mission Dollars in addition to District Budgeted Mission Dollars.
  5. Implementation of Right – Person/Place/Plan and Time on going.

Strategy:  To provide training in Church Planting for individuals, congregations and circuits.  We believe churches start churches and that the local church will assist in identifying where new churches need to be planted.  The resources of people and finances are in the body of Christ …we will align ourselves to work with congregations and individuals identify and raise up the manpower and money needed.