For Accredited Schools in the FLGA District.  Click here for a downloadable document of important information that you need to know.

NLSA and Florida-Georgia District Accreditation Information for Schools
  • Each year every school must send in a fee to both NLSA in St. Louis and the District Office. The due date for both fees is:  October 1.
  • Every accredited school must send in an electronic copy of the Cumulative Annual Report (CAR) to the FLGA District Office by April 15.
  • Your application for re-accreditation is also due in the District office by October 1 the year before your current accreditation expires.  (i.e. if your accreditation expires at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, you must reapply for accreditation by October 1 of 2017.)
  • Beginning with team visits held during the 2008-2009 school year, the length of an accreditation cycle is 5 years.
The FLGA District Accreditation Commission (DAC) and Consultants

 Glenn Moenning, the FLGA-DAC Commissioner

The DAC includes: Glenn Moenning, Commissioner; Roger Walker; Pat Weingart; Jon Peterson;  Kathy Knudtson; Mark Brink.
Trained Consultants/Team Captains (in addition to DAC members) include: Ruth Wiedenmann, Karen Smith, Steve Hoffschneider,  Brenda Sorren, Jim Richards, Jody Schweichler, Bob Boyd.

Helpful items available for download

Sample CAR for Standards Based Accreditation
Sample CAR for Ongoing Improvement Accreditation

Cumulative Annual Report (CAR)
  1. Your CAR should be a report of items worked during the current school year.
  2. Each year you should add to the report of the previous year.
  3. In the last year of accreditation you will have a team visit, and your report will be the Visiting Team Report (VTR) rather than a CAR.
  4. An electronic copy of the CAR must be submitted to the District Office by April 15.