Event Information

Join Jennifer Tanner and Early Childhood Consultant Aimee Knoepfel for a day of encouragement, spiritual support, professional development, and group discussion. Meetings are from 10:00- 2:00 and include lunch. Click here to RSVP.

There are three options to attend:

  • Tuesday, March 7th at Prince of Peace, Orlando (1515 S Semoran Blvd)
  • Thursday, March 9th at Trinity, Lake Placid (25 Lakeview St)

This year the Educator’s Conference joins with the Pastor’s Conference for one event called the President’s Equip Conference. Educators and pastors, as well as church members in leadership positions, will gather for professional development, spiritual growth, and fellowship.

There will be a keynote speaker to inspire your ministry as well as workshops specifically designed for educators of all grade levels, including early childhood.

Get this event on your 2023-2024 school calendars now! September 28-30, 2023, at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace.

Lutheran School Music Festival

The 2023 festival will take place on February 24 at St. Paul in Lakeland, FL. 

Check here for more details!

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church and School, Oviedo, FL, invites you to a unique opportunity this summer. The Slavia Village Institute of Outdoor Learning (SVOL) is holding a two-day professional development conference.

Visit the event website to learn more and register!

Spend an hour with Jennifer Tanner and EC Consultant Aimee Knoepfel via Zoom for a topic discussion, followed by a time to share ideas with fellow directors. 

The next Zoom:
Monday, March 27 • 1:00 pm | Topic: Summer Programming

LCMS School Ministry invites you to Tuesday Talks with Dr. Alan Freeman, Associate Director of LCMS School Ministry, and Dave Kuschel, Senior Director of Communications and Advocacy for Concordia Plans. These Talks are Zoom sessions focusing on Lutheran School Communication Strategies!

Join the conversation on Tuesdays at 11 am or 3 pm EST. Click here to learn more!

Effective feedback is the topic of the next Regional Administrators Conference led by Scott Gress, an FLGA District partner, and Leadership Training Consultant. This conference aims to enable attendees to provide more effective feedback to their staff.
This event will be held on March 28 at St. Paul Lutheran in Baca Raton, FL AND on April 4 at the FLGA District office in Orlando, FL. Both events will be from 10 am–2 pm, lunch is included, and there is no cost to attend! Click here learn more.

School Services & Programs

Barnabas Son of Encouragement Award – Next Award will be at Educators Conference in 2022
By God’s grace, Pastors who are strong partners in their congregation’s school ministry make a profound impact on what the school ministry team is able to accomplish. In 2015, Educators in the FG District established the “Barnabas, Son of Encouragement Award” to honor pastors for their support and partnership in the Gospel through school ministries.  

Who was Barnabas?
The Book of Acts presents Barnabas as an evangelizing apostle and church leader who was a model of integrity and character. He is called a “good man,” a “prophet and teacher,” an “apostle,” and “one who through God worked miracles.” Acts recount the times he faced persecution and risked his life for the name of Jesus. Barnabas believed that Saul had truly been converted when others expressed doubt and disbelief. He saw great potential in young John Mark and was a champion for both he and Saul at different times. 1 Corinthians affirms his character by noting he worked while serving congregations to avoid burdening them. The apostles nicknamed him “Barnabas – Son of Encouragement.”

To nominate a pastor for this award, complete the following form. 

Download Nomination Form 

Dr. Ben Eggers Outstanding Educator Award

In 1986 our District Administrators Association began recognizing a “Teacher of the Year” at its annual Educator’s Conference each Fall. Dr. Ben Eggers served as the FL/GA District Parish Services Executive from 1979-1986 after serving as the youth ministry director for the LCMS. This position served all the schools in the district as well as the congregations. Ben (Gentle Ben) was a robust man, passionate about his love for the Lord and a love for the Lord’s people. He was a visionary who appreciated the ministry of every teacher, administrator, and support staff member in our schools. He had high expectations of those in ministry and loved having a good time. Ben knew how to enjoy a party. He was one of those rare individuals who just seemed to have it all together. He could recall the name of every person he had ever met. But Ben didn’t just remember names; he remembered people, and there is a difference. Ben was an advocate for our schools and a true encourager of our educators in their ministry. On May 21, 1993, Ben died very suddenly after delivering a keynote address at the Walther League Convention.

In the Fall of 1993, the Administrators Association renamed the “Teacher of the Year” award the “Dr. Ben Eggers Outstanding Educator” award. Ben’s wife Lillian presented the first award at the 1993 Educators Conference at the Walther League Convention. In the Fall of 1993, the FG District Administrators Association renamed the “FG District Teacher of the Year Award” the “Dr. Ben Eggers Outstanding Lutheran School Educator Award.” Dr. Egger’s wife, Lillian, presented the first award at the 1993 District Educators Conference. To date, over fifty educators have been honored with the award.

To nominate an educator:
Educators and administrators who have completed 10 years of service in LCMS school ministry, including a minimum of 5 years in the FLGA District, may be nominated. Nominees should exemplify Christian leadership and service to their school, church, and community. Submit the nomination form and supporting documents to Cindy Hammerstrom by August 31 for consideration.

The purpose of Lutheran School Consulting Services (LSCS) is to strengthen and revitalize Lutheran schools so God’s children are well served and His kingdom expanded.  LSCS focuses on the school and its ministry.  As schools are strengthened, so are congregations and their ministries.

For more information, download a brochure.

Download an LSCS application.

Master In-service Program for Florida Schools and Teacher Certification

The Master Inservice Program (MIP) is the only portal for teacher certification in the state of Florida.  Schools in the state of Florida must register annually for MIP. 

Through a partnership with SchoolMission and ACSI, teachers and administrators receive inservice points toward recertification by attending conferences, workshops, school in-service sessions, classes, or seminars.  

Schools access MIP at SchoolMission.  Dr. Barry Morris is the manager for this program. He is highly trained, extremely knowledgeable, and available to answer questions.  Contact Dr. Morris at or 601-467-2631. 

Annual Registration for Participation

Each year schools must register and pay the annual fee for the program, which runs from July 1-June 30th

 2022 MIP Registration for FLGA District schools

2022 MIP Registration for other Lutheran schools

            • Registration and payment are due in the District office by June 20th.

            • Email your registration to

            • Pay online at FLGA payments

Florida Educator Certification Steps

Information for first-time Florida certification can be found on the FDOE website.

Applicants must be fingerprinted through a Livescan vendor and submit the results to the FDOE.  See Fingerprint Processing Instructions for additional directions.

Renewal Requirements

Teaching certificates must be renewed every five years.  Renewal requirements include:

              • Six hours of college credit or its equivalent of 120 inservice credit points

              • 20 of the 120 points must be in the Students with Disabilities category

              • 60 of the 120 points must be in the field of certification

              • 40 of the 120 points must be in reading if your certificate covers PreK-6 or if your certificate is in Reading or English
                 for grades 5-12 (See Reading Renewal Requirements for more details)

              • Complete details for renewal being on page 5 of the MIP Manual

Inservice Points

Inservice points must correspond to an approved MIP component for a teacher to receive credit toward recertification.  Points are recorded within MIP using a component number provided here:  Master Inservice Plan Component List

A Professional Learning Catalog provides links for inservice in many categories, including Students With Disabilities and Reading.  It is not a comprehensive list, simply a starting place if you are looking for approved professional development options.

Have questions? Need answers? Please contact:

Jennifer Tanner

Executive Director | Schools & Youth Ministry

Cindy Hammerstrom

Executive Assistant | Schools & Youth Ministry