Hearts for Jesus

For over 30 years, early childhood centers and K-12 schools in the Florida-Georgia District
have partnered in supporting a special project we call “Hearts for Jesus.”

Simply stated, the 60+ Lutheran school ministries in Florida and Georgia designate the chapel offerings for the month of February (or whatever month you choose) to support a ministry somewhere beyond our borders.

Give hope and help to children in Ukraine.

The 2023-2024 Hearts for Jesus project will raise money for food packets for children and families in Ukraine. The packets are distributed through Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries. Helping Hands uses a network of Lutheran pastors in Eastern Europe to reach the people in Ukraine directly.

Each packet includes food and spiritual materials for children and adults. FLGA District students are invited to create prayer cards and Christian calendars to share the good news of Jesus. Not only will this project provide food and spiritual encouragement, but it will also provide jobs for local Ukrainian church members as they assemble and distribute the food packets.

Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries is a Christian nonprofit organization created to care for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of vulnerable populations in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldovia, and Greece. As Lutherans, Helping Hands is dedicated to sharing God’s great grace and love through Jesus with Eastern Europe.