Members of this ministry do not have just the end goal of completing a remodeling project, building a brand-new facility, or updating an organization’s physical structure for optimal efficiency. Their goal is to be tools to accomplish God’s plan for us. The buildings are merely by products to reaching more people with the Gospel.

Using Laborers For Christ for Your Ministry

Your ministry will be led by well-qualified Laborers For Christ members. They bring experience and expert knowledge in construction, typically cutting the project management costs 10% to 30%. Laborers For Christ can also update existing facilities, helping you acquire tax credits, money and energy savings. Read the EPA’s publication specifically for congregations, “Putting Energy into Stewardship,” for project ideas, potential savings and tips for going “green.”

However, this money-saving benefit is secondary to the uplifting presence Laborers For Christ brings to your ministry. Laborers enjoy attending worship services, Bible studies and becoming part of your ministry. Laborers will help your ministry multiply the volunteer base, not only for the construction project but for your overall ministry.

In order to sign up for a project, you must be an Active Laborer. To become Active, please fill out the LFC Application and return it to the St. Louis office.