LCMS Foundation

The LCMS Foundation was created in 1958 by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod to provide Christian estate planning services to LCMS members and help ministries invest or endow the gifts members leave them in their wills or estate plans.

Twenty-three years ago, Frieda and Herman put their estate plan together with their attorney, right when Herman retired. Last month, the Lord called Herman home, and now Frieda has an appointment next month to go to the attorney to have her will be redrafted. The thought of taking Herman’s name out of her will pains her. Yet, she is confident that he lives on in Jesus. She is working through that change.

The second thing she is pondering is that her last will, referenced all three of their children. Frederick died as a hero in Afghanistan fifteen years ago. As with Herman, Frieda clings to the resurrection hope in Jesus about Frederick as well.

In recent days, she has been considering that in the past, their estate was to be equally divided into three parts for their three children. Frederick passed without a wife or children. Frieda has the desire to make his share become a personal endowment to offer support to her congregation to assist those going through grief, all to make sure people can find their comfort in Jesus, just as she has. Her congregation is talking about a new Stephens ministry program, part of which will be directly focused on grief care. She wonders if her endowment could pay for her congregation to enroll in that program. She scheduled an appointment with her LCMS Foundation Gift Planning Counselor for tomorrow to discuss this. For the first time in weeks, she is feeling great energy and joy about her life, working toward this goal.

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