LCMS Foundation

The LCMS Foundation was created in 1958 by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod to provide Christian estate planning services to LCMS members and help ministries invest or endow the gifts members leave them in their wills or estate plans.

Sharon was having coffee with her good friend, Karen, a week after Christmas. Sharon was sharing how much fun she had giving gifts to her family over Christmas. Karen shook her head, indicating she was very displeased with the same experience in her family. When pressed by Sharon for the reason for that reaction, Karen said, “They are all so entitled. They just expect things and don’t really appreciate the gift.”

Teaching each other to appreciate “the gift” is why God designed families.  It begins with appreciating the gift of Jesus to be our Savior. That faith then spreads out into thankfulness and appreciation for all the items shared and the time and energy expended. Teaching an understanding of gifting is crucial to a Christian family.

Planning your Christian estate is a crucial element of a teaching gift. As you put the pieces of your plan together, you can celebrate with family how the gifts you have planned for them will bless them someday. You can encourage them in advance to receive the gifts with thanksgiving and begin to think about how they will also become good givers. You can share with your family the reasons why you are planning gifts to support ministry, making it possible for ministries to share Jesus even after the Lord has called you home to heaven. You can invite family to celebrate those ministry gifts as well.

Your LCMS Foundation Gift Planning Counselor can help you think through appropriate ministry gifts that are not as prone to have an expiration date. They can also regularly review your plan, ensuring it is up to date. Contact your Florida Gift Planning Counselor, Tony Hunt, CFRE cell 260-222-1291, or email

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