Resources to guide you in the process of finding an educator for your ministry
  1. The Process for Callling Commissioned Ministers of Religion
  2. FLGA District Compensation Guidelines
  3. Instructions to request a new graduate (below)
  4. Look for educators on the Portal

Administrators and/or Call Committees should report all newly called educators by completing a simple online form: New Educator Report Form

Administrators and/or Call Committees should report all changes in a workers status by completing a simple online form: Educator Change Report

Administrators and call committees can view a complete list of workers who need a call due to being released from current call because of a RIF (Reduction in Force) by going to the Lutheran School Portal. Click on the LEIF Search button, and just above the fill-in form, there is a link to all workers nationwide who have been identified as ones who have been RIF’d.

Mark A. Brink
Executive Director for School Ministries
Florida-Georgia District, LCMS

How to Request a New Graduate from the Concordia University System

We have posted online a Universal Request form for requesting a new Concordia graduate for your ministry. This form should hopefully save principals and calling body’s time in making contact requests with each individual CUS institution.

Please inform all principals and calling bodies who inquire about calling a new synodical graduate to access the website at to fill out the form and make their request.

The primary request person filling in the information can select one, two, or however many Concordia University System institutions they would like their request form to be sent to. Once the “Insert Record” button is clicked on the information, it will be sent via email to all the CUS Institutions that were selected. It will also be sent to the District Education Executive so they will have a copy of the request, as well as the calling body so that they can retain their information.

As always, if the calling body would like to continue to call the universities directly to make their request, they may continue to do so – we are here to serve you.

Bill Schranz
Director of Synodical Placement
Concordia University, NE
800.535.5494 ext 7246 or 402.643.7246