On November 29, 2022, people all around the world are coming together to give back. Will you be one of them? The FLGA District will be participating in GivingTuesday, and you can be a part of this celebration of generosity, too!

GivingTuesday was created in 2012 to encourage people to do good. Over the past nine years, the idea has grown into a global movement that inspires millions to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. There are many different ways to express generosity on GivingTuesday and every day!

Here is how you can get ready:
  1. Mark your calendar. November 29 is #GivingTuesday!
  2. Give. On November 29, go to our website and donate. You can also go to our Disaster Response webpage and support in other ways!
  3. Spread the word. Encourage your friends and family to join you in creating a real impact on November 29 by sharing what our mission means o you and why you support our organization. Share pictures on social media and tag us! 

Where do your GivingTuesday donations go? Disaster Response for individuals, churches and their workers is ongoing in southwest Florida. Your continued support will help change lives as volunteers, and your vital donations are needed to assist with repairs. Please give now to the FLGA District Disaster Response efforts. All donations are directed entirely to affected churches and workers.