High School Leadership Event

The High School Leadership Event is a WORKING RETREAT that will be highly task-oriented with the goal of sending youth home equipped with attitudes, tools, and strategies for serving their church and community. This Leadership Event connects students with peers from different churches around the FLGA District, creating a strong community of young believers. Through interactive experiences, high schoolers will discover how God has gifted them with unique talents and abilities. 

Spiritual | Participants will spend time in:
God’s Word • seeking how God desires Christians to lead
Prayer • individual times of prayer and prayer with partners
Worship • joining the Middle School Youth Gathering in worship on Sunday

Relational | Participants will:
develop friendships with other youth from around the Florida-Georgia District

Instructional | Participants will:
learn how to appropriately challenge processes that don’t work. They will discover effective leadership techniques and how to model being a leader.

Practical | Participants will:
develop a plan of action to take home. This plan will be specific to each individual. They will create goals, objectives, and strategies for this plan. 

The Youth Scholarship Fund awards a $50 scholarship to those who are attending an FLGA District-sponsored youth event. It intends to help youth who are not able to attend without financial assistance.

Please have a parent, pastor, or youth leader complete the form. A note of award will be sent directly to the adult who completed it, with a copy sent to the leader of the Youth Group.

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