Joyful Response®

LCEF offers e-tithing and e-tuition payments through its Joyful Response program, a free stewardship service for congregations, schools and ministry service organizations. LCMS Congregations should use the Joyful Response Electronic Offering Program so members…

  • Give offerings consistently.
  • Fulfill their stewardship commitments.
  • Share their financial blessings efficiently and predictably.

LCMS education programs (preschool through college) should use the Joyful Response Electronic Tuition Payment Program so families…

  • Make tuition payments reliably and conveniently.
  • Fulfill their tuition payment commitments with ease.
  • Enjoy saving time and cost of writing checks.

LCMS ministries (i.e. LWML, districts, RSOs) should use the Joyful Response Electronic Donation Program so your supporters…

  • Complete their contribution pledge timely and dependably.
  • Share their generosity with ease and convenience.
  • Help ministries concentrate on actual ministry and less on budget issues.
  • LWML TREASURERS: Order the Electronic Mites Program Enrollment Form to help give your participants a convenient way to fulfill their mite donation commitments!

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