Kingdom Seed Investments


Kingdom Seed Investments are one-time mission start-up investments intended to help established congregations, existing ministries, and new starts begin new ministries which reach new people in new locations. Kingdom Seed Investments are to be used for outreach projects which are intended to be long-term and self-sustaining beyond the initial Kingdom Seed Investment.

It is expected that Kingdom Seed Investments will assist with Great Commission engagement by:
• Promoting development of new outreach goals and new ministry starts
• Assisting congregations with needed start-up resources
• Encouraging new outreach initiatives which bring Jesus and the Gospel to the community
• Partnering with staff and lay leaders who have a heart for the desired outcome
• Providing opportunities for Congregation and District leaders to collaborate in outreach
• Encouraging accountability for outreach planning and implementation

Kingdom Seed Investments are not intended to replace the former Mission Grants. For information on zero-interest Mission Loans, please contact Rev. Dr. Peter Meier, Executive Director for Missions & Outreach at

Kingdom Seed Investments are one-time District mission start-up investments for two levels of Great Commission engagement.

(1) Existing Congregations and Ministries may apply for a Kingdom Seed Investment to begin a new Community Outreach which is intended to become an on-going ministry of the congregation (up to $3,000 investment); or

(2) Existing Congregations and Ministries may apply for a Kingdom Seed Investment to start up a new ministry or mission which is intended to become a self-sustaining Campus Ministry, Multi-Site, or Chartered Congregation. Investments given for this level could be used for initial start-up costs as the ministry begins to plan and prepare for launch, leadership development and discipleship (up to $10,000 investment).

Those wishing to apply for a Kingdom Seeds Investment from the FL-GA District must complete and submit the following:

1. Kingdom Seeds Investment Application Form (Applicant’s Name & Contact Information, Mission Statement, Statement of Need, Demographic Analysis & Target Group, Mission Strategy, “Success” Indicators).
2. Coaching Agreement – Monthly coaching conversations to assist the congregation with resources and advice in mission planning and implementation, as well as evaluating progress toward desired outcomes.
3. A Statement of Mission Partnership with the District. Congregations and Ministries receiving financial support from the District are also expected to partner with the District on some level, including financial, attendance at conferences and winkels, etc. Provide a narrative statement which shows current and anticipated mission partnership.
4. For Level 2 applicants – Statement of Financials for the Previous 2 Fiscal Years, Current Fiscal Year and Forecasted Financials for the upcoming year.
5. Submit the application and all supporting documents electronically to Debbie Arrington at 
6. Kingdom Seed Investment Applications will be reviewed, approved and disbursed by District President, Mission Executive, and Executive Director of Finance.