Lenten Devotions

Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 5: 16, “Let your light shine before men, (so) that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Please listen carefully.  This divine imperative, this command, was not meant just for the followers of Jesus at that time, it was meant for all who would follow Him.  Likewise, the Great Commission was and remains for all who believe.

There was a humorous advertisement on the radio years ago in which a husband and wife start out on their vacation, and as they drive along, they check off the various items each attended to just before leaving. Then there is an agonized wail from the wife: “Oh, Jack, we’ve forgotten the baby!” Yet this Lent, I would like us to take Jesus’ Words to heart, to rediscover why we needed a Savior to come for us and the whole world. And when we come to a renewed understanding of ours and the world’s needs, my prayer is that we will become fully engaged in seeking to live out Jesus’ commands! Just as a candle in a dark room is easily seen and draws the attention of all who are around, even faith the size of a mustard seed, when planted, can make an eternal difference in the lives of the lost and those who love them.

The theme of our 2023 FLGA District Lenten Devotions is: Daring to Make a Difference…Let’s Talk about Jesus!  May the Lord use these daily devotions from Ash Wednesday through Easter to encourage, engage and equip you to make an eternal difference!

Daring to Make a Difference… Lets Talk About Jesus!

Daily Devotions
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