Marriott Sawgrass Tax Exempt

Please see the following information from the Marriott to help expedite the Tax Exempt process at check in.  This applies for each group who will be taking advantage of their tax exempt status:

It would make the check- in process more efficient and pleasant for groups if we have the tax exempt form and each group would give us a list of who the form will cover, if it’s supposed to cover more than one guest room. This way we can apply the tax exemption to all profiles when the form is received at the front desk and we will not need to ask any other guests for the form. Each guest that is being covered by the Tax Exempt form will need to individually fill out a State Affidavit. It would be beneficial for all parties to have these forms filled out before arrival so they can be presented at check in, it slows down the check in process to have them filled out upon arrival– however we understand that all guests may not be able to fill them out beforehand.

Here is the form which the Marriot would like to have completed.

State Tax Affidavit