National Lutheran Schools Week

The theme for National Lutheran Schools Week, Jan. 27 – Feb. 2, 2013, is “Baptized for This Moment” based on Acts 2:38–39. This was chosen to build on the theme for the 2013 Synod convention.

A number of resources are offered here to help make this year’s National Lutheran Schools Week a blessing to your school community. We encourage you to check out all the resources and see how they can be used to rejoice as little fish remain in the water with Jesus.

Since the theme focuses on Baptism, we are encouraging Lutheran schools to talk about Baptism and all its blessings: forgiveness of sins, rescue from death and the devil, and eternal salvation. Live in the freedom and comfort of your Baptism and invite others to receive this gift of grace. This week can be a special opportunity for pastors and congregations to welcome those in your school who are not yet baptized.

These new resources can help make National Lutheran Schools Week a blessing to your school community.

This year’s electronic resource packet includes an order of service for daily devotions, faculty and student devotions, suggested sermons, Baptism imagery coloring sheets, poster and logo samples, banner instructions, T-shirt and polo shirt design suggestions, information about this year’s “Baptized for This Moment” video promotion and a listing of additional resources.

To access information, please click here to be connect to the LCMS website.