Not Even One

  • There are many commonly held misconceptions about child sexual abuse.  As a result, ministry leaders often react in misguided ways, or even worse, not at all.

  • Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is the foundation of an effective safety system and is provided to every congregation and school in the Florida-Georgia District AT NO COST.

  • The primary resource for the “Not Even One” initiative is the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Training component developed by Ministry Safe.  Learning the facts and understanding the common signs of abuse, will prepare staff and lay leaders to protect the children entrusted to the care of our congregations and schools.

  • The ultimate goal for “Not Even One is for every staff member in every congregation with a school ministry, to complete the training by the end of 2019, and for every staff member in ALL congregations to complete the training by April 30, 2021.

  • Would you like to know more?   Contact the FLGA District office at 407-857-5556.  Our staff is eager to talk with you.

  • Are you ready to get started?  Email the District Office  to receive a log in code to access full instructions.  Then click here to enter the code.  You will see instructions that give you full access to the Ministry Safe Dashboard and to begin the process of making your church or school, “Ministry Safe.”

Educators can earn ISP’s for completing the Ministry Safe Training.  Download the form here.