Ordained Forms & Files

District Personnel Files

Workers – Contact Update Information Form

Pastors PIF form in pdf format (can be filled out and printed online) – you can also request your current on file form from Kathy Keene by email or phone 877-457-5556 Ext. 8

SET Form Instructions:

  • Please note:  Effective January 1, 2002 your Self Evaluation Tool (SET) must be on the new electronic version adopted by the Council of Presidents in order to be shared with other District Presidents.
  • Before updating your SET, please delete any previous versions of the database.
  • To update your SET you may do so by going to the following web site:    //www.holybytes.com/cop/docs/
  • Open the SET Directions and it will lead you through the process.  Once you have completed your SET, please save it as instructed in a .pf7 format, then send the file to Kathy Keene as an attachment so she can import it into our database.
  • Please do not use any other version than the one online.
Ethics Documents

The following resources were compiled by the Michigan District, LCMS, and are offered as a guide.
Congregation Ethic Documents
Partners in Ministry – Ethical Conduct for Congregations
Study Guide

Professional Church Worker Ethics Documents
Partners in Ministry – Ethical Conduct for Professional Church Workers
Study Guide

Roster Forms

All of the following forms can also be accessed online at:  //www.holybytes.com/cop/docs/

  • Explanation Of Inactive Status
  • Vicarage Application Form
  • Annual Reporting Form (Candidate)
  • Annual Reporting Form (Emeritus)
  • Annual Reporting Form (Non-Candidate)
  • Application for Reinstatement