Roy Heflin Transplant

Living Donor Request

Roy Heflin (DCE Emeritus) has been listed in our prayers for the health issues. He now needs a kidney transplant.

Please read this message from Roy:

I’m asking for PRAYERS.

PRAYERS for my rescheduled surgery, which will be this Thursday (11/16). I’m having a Catheter Port placed in my abdomen in prep for being on dialysis if and when my kidneys fail.

PRAYERS that my kidneys will be healed OR I find a kidney donor for a transplant before dialysis happens would be Much Appreciated, too.

PRAYERS for me to find a Kidney donor would be wonderful! Contact Information is linked here if you or a friend are moved by God to donate a Kidney for me. Even if you are not a match for me, after being screened at Tampa General, it is determined that you are a good Transplant Candidate, which Benefits me, too.

Please share the Living Donor information with everyone.

All screening costs are covered, and even if the person does not match Roy, they might match someone else. This would still benefit Roy, and he becomes a higher priority on the Transplant List, swapping with someone else.

Learn more about The Living Kidney Donor Program at Tampa General Hospital.