The “Pathway” is quite flexible; you can use it as a guide for

  • starting new ministries,

  • micro-churches,

  • new ministry sites

  • free-standing (chartered) congregations.

We can help you scale this to whatever God is inviting you to “start new.” Don’t let this pathway overwhelm you. Trails are best conquered one step at a time, and with a guide!

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Below are the steps for a basic pathway to a new outreach, ministry, or a new church. These are subject to realities of context and culture, and are offered only as a “map” to reach your goal. You will want to define the goal God is calling you to achieve.

We are here to help you custom design a map that fits your situation and goal.

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1. Pray

  • What is God calling you to start?
  • Take a Personal Prayer Retreat
  • Gather a Prayer Team

        As God confirms your burden/vision…

2. Inquire

  • Meet with Mission Exec to share the dream/vision and to brainstorm
    • We are here to help & guide you on the pathway!
  • Gather mission field demographics
  • Invite Mission Exec to share New Start concepts
    • Church leadership group
    • Interested lay leaders

3. Equip

  • Equip Congregation Leaders & Members
    • Theology and helps for congregations starting new


4. Empower

  • Secure Congregation Commitment
  • Develop a Basic Plan and Timeline with your Coach or Mission Exec
  • New Start Leader Identification, Assessment and Training
  • Team Recruitment & Discipleship
  • Develop Community Connections
  • Ministry Development
    • Ministry Teams
    • Discipleship for Leaders

5. Engage

  • Vision and Planning for Launch
  • Administrative Detail
  • Secure Facility
  • Soft Launch & Follow-up (if appropriate)
  • Launch Publicity
  • Post-Launch Planning

6. Launch

  • Celebration
  • Systems development (if appropriate)
    • Outreach, Connections, Worship, Discipleship, Pastoral Care, Ministry Placement, Generosity, Multiplication, Evaluation

7. Post-Launch

  • Place/space planning
  • Multiplying Leadership
  • Staffing Plan (non-paid/paid)
  • Becoming an LCMS Congregation (if appropriate)
  • “Start New” planning (multiplication)
    • Where is your next “there?”