Hearts for Jesus

Dear School & Church Leaders,

The 2017 Hearts For Jesus Project is the Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs.  Several of the dogs were at the 2016 Educators Conference.  They were also in Orlando following the Pulse shootings, giving comfort to victims of the shooting as well as to their family members.  To find out more about this organization, visit their website at:  Lutheran Church Charities – Comfort Dogs 

All the dogs have their own Facebook page that you can access with your children to find out about the dogs.  Also their website has a bunch of information for you to use to help explain this ministry to your church and school members and parents.  They have some informational brochures that you can download and send to your parents, church members, and students.

After your project is completed, please send your offerings to:

Florida-Georgia District, LCMS
Hearts for Jesus
5850 T. G. Lee Blvd. Suite 500
Orlando, FL 32822

Or, you can make an online donation by going to the footer of any page of our website and clicking on “Payments and Donations.”