Barnabas & Ben Eggers Awards

Barnabas Son of Encouragement Award – Next Award will be at Educators Conference in 2021

By God’s grace, Pastors who are strong partners in their congregation’s school ministry, make a profound impact on what the school ministry team is able to accomplish.  In 2015, Educators in the FG District established the, “Barnabas, Son of Encouragement Award,” to honor pastors for their support and partnership in the Gospel through school ministries.  

Who was Barnabas?

The Book of Acts presents Barnabas as an evangelizing apostle and church leader who was a model of integrity and character.  He is called a, “good man,” a “prophet and teacher,” an “apostle” and “one who through God worked miracles.”  Acts recounts the times he faced persecution and risked his life for the name of Jesus.  Barnabas believed that Saul had truly been converted when others expressed doubt and disbelief.  He saw great potential in young John Mark and was a champion for both he and Saul at different times.  1 Corinthians affirms his character by noting he worked while serving congregations in order not to burden them.  The apostles nicknamed him, “Barnabas – Son of Encouragement.”

Link to download Barnabas Award Instructions

Dr. Ben Eggers Outstanding Educator Award

In 1986 our District Administrators Association began recognizing a “Teacher of the Year” at its annual Educator’s Conference each Fall. Dr. Ben Eggers served as the FL/GA District Parish Services Executive from 1979-1986 after serving as the youth ministry director for the LCMS. This position served all the schools in the district as well as the congregations.Ben (Gentle Ben) was a robust man, passionate about his love for the Lord and a love for the Lord’s people. He was a visionary who appreciated the ministry of every teacher, administrator and support staff member in our schools. He had high expectations of those in ministry and he loved to have a good time. Ben knew how to enjoy a party. He was one of those rare individuals who just seemed to have it all together. He could recall the name of every person he ever met? But Ben didn’t just remember names. He remembered people, and there is a difference. Ben was an advocate for our schools and a true encourager of our educators in their ministry. Ben died very suddenly on May 21, 1993, after delivering a keynote address at the Walther League Convention.

In the Fall of 1993 the Administrators Association renamed the “Teacher of the Year” award, the “Dr. Ben Eggers Outstanding Educator” award.  Ben’s wife Lillian presented the first award at the 1993 Educators Conference at the Walther League Convention.  In the Fall of 1993, the FG District Administrators Association renamed the, “FG District Teacher of the Year Award,” the, “Dr. Ben Eggers Outstanding Lutheran School Educator Award.”  Dr. Eggers wife, Lillian, presented the first award at the 1993 District Educators Conference.  To date, over fifty educators have been honored with the award.

Steps needed to nominate an educator – Next award will be at Educators Conference in 2021

  • Download the three files below.
  • Start with the checklist to make sure you do everything necessary to submit a valid nomination.
  • Read the award criteria to make sure your candidate qualifies.
  • Complete the nomination form.
  • Submit your nomination by due date on form.

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