Commissioned Forms & Files

Forms and Files for Commissioned Ministers of Religion, LCMS

Workers – Contact Update Information Form

District Personnel Files

CMIF – The new and updated “Commissioned Minister Information Form” is the only form now required for commissioned workers to use to update their information. The CMIF can only be completed on-line. Access to the CMIF is through the Church Worker Update site:   //  To access the site you will have to provide your LCMS Worker ID (If you don’t know it, send me an email and I’ll help you with that:  )

Ethics Documents

The following resources were compiled by the Michigan District, LCMS, and are offered as a guide.
Congregation Ethic Documents
Partners in Ministry – Ethical Conduct for Congregations
Study Guide

Professional Church Worker Ethics Documents
Partners in Ministry – Ethical Conduct for Professional Church Workers
Study Guide


Annual reporting forms for Inactive Workers – both Commissioned and Ordained…..

Candidate status
Emeritus status

Bylaw 2.11

Application for Inactive Status