Hope, Plant City, FL

Hope’s Missions & Outreach Ministry Team requested the Miracle Grow grant of $300 to purchase Bibles to distribute to the children in the Lots of Hugs summer reading camp. The camp is sponsored by the Plant City Black Heritage Celebration. It meets annually at Hope from the Monday after school closes in May until they return to classes in August. It is designed for the disadvantaged in the community who are in need of additional help with reading and math

In addition to sharing Bibles with campers Hope’s Christian Growth Ministry Team has been leading Vacation Bible School for the students this week as well. The little girl in the picture below commented that she was so excited to get that Bible because she has never had one!

Another mission story from the week – one of the boys in program proudly said he did not want to be a Christian…but by Thursday he asked to do the closing prayer! AMAZING HOW GOD WORKS!!!!!