November 1-3, 2019

Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center
39034 County Rd 452, Leesburg, FL 34788



Bread of Stone will be returning this year!  You can check out their website at //


Registration Information and Forms (be sure to download this before registering!)   The forms can be completed online, downloaded and then signed. You can forward the link to parents who may find that easier than handwriting them.

Please note that there will not be Junior Guides this year because of the concurrent High School Leadership Training.   Adult Leaders will be signing up for those tasks.

Promotion Materials.  We got the message! Instead of sending a poster, you can  download a flier and insert your own information.  Fonts are also available, along with separate logos both in color and black and white.  You can download all that information here:   Media downloads

Pictures from the 2018 Gathering can be viewed and downloaded at this link!

Download the 2018 Gathering video here.

Sally Sirrine Scholarship

Please complete the form below if a youth needs scholarship assistance to attend this gathering.

The scholarship is specifically for youth who would like to attend and would not be able to without this scholarship. The maximum amount per student is $50.