MTM-Ministry Technology Mentors

MTM Project Mission Statement

To enhance the proficiency of workers in the use of existing and emerging technologies in support of the mission and ministry in Christian churches and schools.



Mr. Matthew Bergholt
MTM Champion, FLGA District

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In order to further communications between schools and the MTM Project in the districts of the LCMS, MTM has undertaken a program to find individuals within specific member districts to act as MTM Champions.  These individuals are knowledgeable of both the MTM Project and have undergone the Educational Design and Technology program at Concordia University Wisconsin and are well versed in current technologies and their implementation in the educational setting.  They are available for discussions about the MTM Project, current educational technology trends and applications, and for leading inservice trainings with staff at your church or school.

Within the FLGA District, Matthew Bergholt has been designated as the MTM Champion.  Since 2007, he has served at Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Orlando, Florida, as a middle school social studies, math and technology teacher.  Recently he was also given the title of Director of Technology for both church and school at Trinity so he is fully tied into the educational technology scene in his ministries for both the church and the District as a whole.

You may have seen Matt running around the last few Educators Conferences setting up and organizing the technology for breakout rooms so he is familiar with many of you in the District already.  If you have not had a chance to contact him with questions or would like to discuss any of the areas that are described above, he can be reached at or by phone at 407-810-1647.  He is excited and looking forward to working with many of you in furthering your ministry in whatever capacity and wherever you serve!



In existence since 2001, the MTM Project has helped hundreds of people integrate technology into their ministry with my knowledge, confidence, enthusiasm, and skill.

The FLGA District is a partner with the MTM Project and supports their purpose and goals.

The MTM Project is a dynamic organization, connected to schools throughout the country as well as to our key partners:

Concordia University Wisconsin
Lutheran School Portal
Association of Lutheran Secondary Schools (ALSS)
District Partners of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Daily, we see evidence of how God is making a difference in the lives of people through MTM. This is underscored in our five Core Values:

Christ-Centered Education: We are anchored in Jesus Christ as we connect faith and technology for making disciples through Lutheran schools.
Children: We affirm children as precious to God and endeavor to enhance the ministry of our schools to children.
Transformation: We believe the transformation processes of mentoring, empowering, and focusing on the future are essential to change.
Global Perspective: We understand the globalization of the world enables people around the world to compete, connect, and collaborate.
Proficient: We expect Lutheran educators to foster proficiency in use of technology in the classroom and the congregation.

The vision of the MTM Project

Schools of choice emerge as leaders apply exceptional competence in integrating technology as a result of MTM’s mission.

To learn more about the MTM Project, visit their website.