Make & Multiply NEW Disciples

What is the Missionary Pathway? This is a simple and repeatable disciple-making process designed to help you equip everyday Christians to share the gospel and make disciples in the places they live, work, learn, and play. Many Christians feel deeply passionate about their faith yet feel insecure, even uncertain, about how to share faith with friends and neighbors in a culture that is not interested in the church.

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  1. ASK the Holy Spirit to guide your meeting.
  2. REVIEW from previous week: How did you follow Jesus last week? With whom did you share what you learned?
  3. DISCOVER the truth from the Scriptures.  What do we learn about God? What do we learn about ourselves/other people? Practice telling the story in your group.
  4. LIVING THE DISCIPLE-LIFE. Informed by the Scriptures you read, how will you follow Jesus this week? With whom will you share? How can we pray for one another and others?

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Miracle Grow will offer a seed investment of $300 to ministries that engage in and share their outreach and mission activity stories, pictures, and videos.

The goal is for the people of the FLGA District to learn, share ideas and examples, and celebrate God’s mission of connecting people to Jesus. These stories inspire others to work in their communities to connect more people to Jesus.

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Start New Pathway

Don’t let this pathway overwhelm you. Trails are best conquered one step at a time and with a guide! We can help you scale this to whatever God is inviting you to “start new.” 

Below are the steps for a basic pathway to a new outreach, ministry, or a new church. These are subject to realities of context and culture and are offered only as a “map” to reach your goal. You will want to define the goal God is calling you to achieve. We are here to help you custom-design a map that fits your situation and goal.

  • What is God calling you to start?
  • Take a Personal Prayer Retreat
  • Gather a Prayer Team

        As God confirms your burden/vision…

  • Meet with Mission Exec to share the dream/vision and to brainstorm
    • We are here to help & guide you on the pathway!
  • Gather mission field demographics
  • Invite Mission Exec to share New Start concepts
    • Church leadership group
    • Interested lay leaders
  • Equip Congregation Leaders & Members
    • Theology and Best Practices for Launching Congregations: Churches Planting Churches
    • Starting New in FLGA District
    • Funding the New Start
  • Secure Congregation Commitment
  • Develop a Basic Plan and Timeline with your Coach or Mission Exec
  • Planter Indifitacation, Assessment, and Training
    • Identify a Potential Planter
    • Assess the Planter
    • Train the Planter w/ a Team
      • Church Planting Essentials
  • Team Recruitment & Discipleship
    • Missionary Pathway
  • Develop Community Connections
  • Ministry Development
    • Ministry Teams
    • Discipleship for Leaders
    • Develop Mission Leaders
  • Vision and Planning for Launch
    • Goals
    • Tentative timeline
  • Administrative Details (as appropriate)
    • Name
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • 501(c)3 (LCMS Umbrella)
    • Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN)
    • State Sales Tax Exemption
    • Treasurer’s Manual
    • Checking Account
    • Communication Plan
    • Intent to Transfer Letter
  • Secure Facility
  • Soft Launch & Follow-up (if appropriate)
  • Launch Publicity
  • Post-Launch Planning
  • Celebration
  • Systems development (if appropriate)
    • Outreach, Connections, Worship, Discipleship, Pastoral Care, Ministry Placement, Generosity, Multiplication, Evaluation
  • Place/space planning
  • Multiplying Leadership
  • Staffing Plan (non-paid/paid)
  • Becoming an LCMS Congregation (if appropriate)
    • Constitution/Bi-Law
    • Charter as an LCMS Congregation
  • “Start New” planning (multiplication)
    • Where is your next “there?”

This pathway is adaptable to your new start model.