The Great Sending Jubilee Year

What is “The Great Sending”?

It’s just not a book to read. It’s a way to immerse yourself in God’s Word, it’s a way of connecting you and others to Jesus.

President Walton has declared 2022 as The Great Sending Jubilee Year! Pastors have been given the opportunity to purchase this book for their congregation to participate in this Jubilee Year and the response has been good!

Each chapter of “The Great Sending” connects God’s heart to your own through a deep dive into Scripture. This book can begin new conversations in your church and help lead the laity, congregations, and pastors to let God change the direction of your church.

You can order books directly from the District Office by clicking the button below. The cost is only $7 per book (+ shipping)!

The Great Sending Pericopes

Pericopes are a list of readings and themes appropriate for each Sunday of the year. These particular Pericopes, prepared by Pastor Paul vonWerder (Hope Orlando) highlight the Great Sending Jubilee Year and provide a ready-to-go preaching and worship theme plan for 2022.

The Twelve Mission Theses

Based on the work of Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy and Rev. Dr. Robert Newton, these 12 Theses are offered for Great Sending action in our lives and congregations.

The Great Sending Study Guide

These are in-depth study guides for chapters in The Great Sending book. Prepared by Rev. Dr. Gerhard “Mike” Michael and various pastors of the Northeast Georgia Circuit of the Florida-Georgia District, these will be useful for Bible Studies, sermon preparation, personal discipleship, and action.

The Great Sending Immersion

Disciples intentionally immerse themselves in a relationship with God and His Word. These Great Sending materials, prepared by Pastor Paul vonWerder (Hope Orlando), include The Great Sending Pericopes, Daily Scripture Immersions (Devotions for Everyday Disciples), and Great Sending Worship Resources for every Sunday of the Great Sending Jubilee Year!

The Great Sending Prayer Art

These Prayer Art sheets may be used with any of The 42 Great Sending Studies for participants’ immersion in the scripture texts. Developed by Pat Maier, Michigan District, these are some of the many resources found on the Visual Faith Ministry website.

Prayer & Activity Resource Guide

This is a companion to The Great Sending book, compiled by the Spiritual Life Team of the Southeastern District. As you work through the 42 Bible studies in The Great Sending, these prayer prompts and resources will help you further immerse yourself in prayer for the missio Dei (the Mission of God).