President’s Circle

President’s Circle: Acts of Grace

The President’s Circle is a ministry of the Florida-Georgia District that provides resources our District President needs in order to respond to emergencies in the lives of our District church workers and ministries in their most urgent times of need.  

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Our Ministry 

Since the early days of the church, God’s people have worked together to further the spread of the Gospel.  Throughout the centuries, Christians have shared resources with one another especially in times of distress.  For decades the Florida-Georgia district has assisted ministries and church workers by providing special support and assistance with resources gathered by churches in the district.

The President’s Circle strives to build on this ministry of the district, to work within the structure of the district to bring Acts of Grace to people and ministries in times of specific need with special resources gathered for this purpose.  The Circle’s resources are only used to care specifically for ministries and workers during times of extreme need.

Acts of Grace

It seems that when times are difficult, needs are at their greatest.  Every day in our district church workers and ministries are struggling because of unforeseen trials and disasters.  Often times the needs are known by our District President and his staff, but are not able to be met – the funds and resources to help are no longer there.

Through the cooperative effort of the Circle, directed by the President, support and resources can be distributed where they are needed when times are most difficult.